Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Smile Brilliant is More Than the Name of a Company (Discount and giveaway included!)

Oral hygiene and health is very important to me, as an individual as well as a mother. I want to do all I can to prolong our smiles. Not an easy task with children, but I'm not alone. I have some help from Smile Brilliant

*Disclaimer: I was sent products free of charge in exchange for sharing my review. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed. All opinions are strictly my own.*

What is so great about Smile Brilliant? 

You may recall my past review of trying their Teeth Whitening System. Feel free to refresh your memory by clicking the blue link above. I had some amazing results with it! They really do put in the effort to make products that you will be proud to have tried out.

Smile Brilliant has a variety of products that are backed by scientific study. They seek solutions to problems that plague us all. Problems that can be pricey and uncomfortable when we have to get professional services done. Check out this infographic, for more detailed information. Smile Brilliant seeks to help everyone have a whiter, brighter smile - through products that will improve your smiles health. The benefits span more than just your oral health, however. 

Products I've tried and love

I recently reviewed their kids' Plaque Highlighters. I loved using it as my kids need to be trained to better brush their teeth. They have a tendency to miss a lot of spots. Going to the dentist is a pain for all of us because of that. 

I was recently contacted by them about doing some product reviews. I've had previous good experiences with them, so I couldn't resist. Besides, these are products that have some amazing results.

The probiotics I have tried before and absolutely loved. I have been learning that prohiotics have more benefits than just strengthening your teeth against plaque build up. It builds up your immunity as well. Then you have better breath (especially in the morning!) and better gum health. I am also happy to report that the taste is better than I expected. Most tablets are just too chalky and that covers any flavor that they might have had. These, are a wonderful pomegranate berry flavor. They also have dental probiotics for kids. They boost immunity for oral and sinus health in a natural way.

Being someone who grinds their teeth, I could, and should, be using a night guard. But I haven't put in the effort to get one. Smile Brilliant creates one specialized for your own mouth by having these kits available to make molds of your teeth. That way, it will fit like a glove while protecting your teeth! You are less likely to feel irritated by it. You don't have to pay for dental appointments either. 

I had made a video on the process of making the mold, but can't seem to locate that. So I'm showing you the finished project for now. I love that it is pliable and comes in a case. I can store it and take it on trips with me without worrying of damage. 

This Custom Night Guard System kit comes with assistance as well. Someone reaches out to you to make sure you understand the process and will also answer your questions, should you have any.  

It fits in comfortably while providing cushion between the teeth so that they are not wearing down from the pressure of each other. 

What else might interest you? 

They have the cariPRO Electric Toothbrush and a water flosser to help you with oral health and dental hygiene needs.

Want to get your own products?

Do you want to take the journey towards making your smile brilliant? How about getting your own Smile Brilliant products? Wonderful! I have great news for you. Smile Brilliant has offered my readers 20% off when you use the code foreveranerdmom20 at checkout. But they didn't stop there! They have asked me to host a giveaway as well for a 30 day supply of dental probiotics. 

Here are the rules for the giveaway:

  1. Entering is as easy as checking out the Adult Probiotics product, and then leaving me a comment below on an interesting fact you have learned! 
  2. You must be a resident in the US, UK or Canada to enter. 
  3.  My blog post must have 3+ comments to be considered a valid giveaway - so tell your friends and family to enter as well! 
  4. Winner must be 18+ years old. 
  5. Winner will be chosen 1 week after the post has gone live. I will enter the names of all those who comment in a random wheel spinner to pick from. Which means I will need to be able to message you. So leave me a way to contact you! 


  1. I like these products. Very nice

  2. Sorry. I learned that the tablets help you see things regular brushing misses. Also the electric tooth brush doesn’t look any I have seen. That I need to check into

    1. What name do I use when I enter you in the wheel?

  3. I learned that your teeth need probiotics. Good to see there is science behind these products. Another good review!

  4. Yes! They really do their studying to make great products!

  5. Something people need to remember is that spending a couple hundred dollars on a real good toothbrush that lasts years is cheaper than thousands in dental later

  6. It is good to see you tested with children. My wife will like knowing it is safe for children

    1. Yes! Always good to be able to do that. What name do you want entered in the giveaway?