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Great Steps I'm Taking Towards Whitening My Sensitive Teeth at Home! + Savings!

One thing I have always been embarrassed with as an adult, has been my smile. Growing up, I had braces and even the ugly headgear. As an adult, I have had yellowed teeth. I don't drink coffee. Never had the taste for it. I also do not like soda. I will tolerate it for special occasions, but only Dr. Pepper or Sprite if I have to. Or maybe a Big Red... But I sure did drink my sweet tea. Being the southern girl that I am, I like tea with my sugar. But it has a bad side effect - it discolors your teeth. Which is where I am now. Finding that brighter smile with Smile Brilliant

*Disclaimer: I was sent this kit for free in exchange for my honest review for the product. I was not paid or otherwise endorsed. This was through my association with US Family Guide.*

I brush my teeth regularly. 

Usually, three times a day. And I have tried using toothpaste with whitening in it. That has not done anything to help. I have also tried whitening strips without much success. Now I could see a dentist, but I didn't have much time to do so when I had insurance. When I had the time, I wasn't working and had no insurance. Hard place to be in. So how else might one whiten their teeth? Some myths are that teeth whiteners are more likely to damage your teeth. Studies actually show that lab direct whitening are safe and effective with little to no side effects. 

Does teeth whitening actually make them pearly white? 

Well, no. Most likely not. Teeth whiteners are to remove stains from your teeth, not to totally whiten. I know, misleading name. So don't be surprised if they don't actually look pearly white. They might, but they might not. Still, removing stains is better for your teeth and your look. 

Will I have instant results? 

No. Like anything worth doing or achieving in life, it takes time. Results are not instantaneously available. And if you remember, you probably have years worth of stains on your teeth. Can't expect them to disappear in a moment. This is not a magical wand fix. 

Aren't strips better for the job?

Sure. If you don't mind stripping the enamel off your teeth, leaving them vulnerable and causing yourself pain later on down the road of life. Using this gel method is safer as it removes stains, not strip your teeth and then bleach them with chemicals. 

So how does all this work?  

Let's look into trying out this teeth whitening kit. First off, you get a kit. The kit has gels for whitening and for sensitivity. It comes with plenty of detailed instructions to follow along with. And then the fun part - the molds and plaster. You have to take molds of your teeth to get customized whitening trays to apply the gels with. These have to be done precisely. Gotta admit, my gag reflex was killing me on the lower one. 

The kit came with detailed instructions. We knew exactly what to do and how long to time the molds for. The plaster can be a little messy on your fingers. 

Once the molds were done, I set them aside to dry overnight. The next morning they were ready to be put into the envelope with my consent card. You have to fill out the consent card as they are not dentists and you have to be prepared for adverse reactions if you have not consulted with a dentist ahead of time or if you are overly sensitive to the products.

You might not succeed the first time, but that's okay!  

Sadly, after being received, I received another email that informed me that my molds were not good enough. I didn't realize the molds needed to dry in my mouth, so I did them a little longer this second time. One thing I felt they should have told me was what was wrong with them. Then, inside the second molds package they sent, they included a card that explained why the first molds would not work. Mine were distorted. Looks like I dragged my teeth. So we tried for a round two session. We didn't think the first upper mold worked well enough. So glad they sent extras of the casting materials. My husband set the alarm for 4 minutes this time instead of 3 and we got the molds ready for shipment! 

The whitening trays came pretty quickly. I like how the company emails you to let you know when they received and shipped everything. The whitening trays are flexible.

(You can see the yellow lines I had before in this picture)
Not some hard, plastic piece that you jam into your mouth.

My husband helped me with timing and prepping. I had to wipe my teeth and get them as dry as I can. Trickier than I thought. This is best done right before bed. You can't eat or drink for 30 minutes after the process is done and the process takes about an hour minimum. 

Be prepared for discomfort initially. 

My gums, just above my teeth, were extremely sensitive when I first put these trays on. I wanted to take them off almost as soon as I put it on! But in 10 minutes or less, it was fine. After my time ran up, I rinsed and dried out the trays and we switched it to the desensitizing gel. This too was slightly irritating, but not as bad. About 20 minutes later the process was done. 
I found that the second whitening round worked a lot better. It was irritating at first, but quickly settled down. My teeth felt sensitive for things like brushing later on, but not in too bad a way. Within 7-14 uses (depending on the density of stains you are removing), you should be seeing results. I know that after my 14th use, my teeth looked a less yellowed. I feel better about smiling for pictures!

The system is great overall.  I think it works really well and is a comfortable way to get whiter teeth. I'd love to hear what you think, however. Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts below.

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