Thursday, September 9, 2021

Family Fun Night with Ecolution Microwave Popcorn Popper!

We love having family nights. Usually on nights when my husband is off. That is when we can have a treat or even watch a movie. Lately, the kids and I started watching Star Trek (my husband's favorite). Being a family of nerds, Star Wars has already been introduced. Now we are going into the more scientific version of space science fiction. And this past week, we enjoyed it even more thanks to a gift from my mom! 

What do you associate with movie night? Boxes of candy? Popcorn? Well, so do we! My mom ordered this Ecolution Microwave Popcorn Popper for us. It was so much fun. And so easy to use. To go a step further, we also bought two kinds of toppings to drizzle over the popcorn and add a touch of sweetness. 

How do you use it?

First, you need to measure out the popcorn kernels and dump them into the main pot. The lid part is where you can drop in some butter to flavor it. 

This can now go into the microwave. There are instructions included so that you know how much time you need for how much kernels. We used 2 lid-fuls and it took about 3.5 minutes. My husband and I have learned to listen for the slowing of the pops. Like magic, you have freshly popped popcorn!

You can now eat is as it, or do like we did! We grabbed Dulche de Leche creamy caramel and Unicorn toppings from the ice cream section of the store. Drizzle a little over your bowls and dig in! My husband and I used spoons (yes, it was weird). It was so good!

How much does one make? 

We made enough to make a full pot. And it was enough to feed all 6 of us, even with some of us having seconds. I've made the bag kind before, and even tried other makers. This was, by far, so much easier and efficient. We had a great time snacking down and watching Star Trek together!

Where can I get one? 

These are found on Amazon. They come in multiple colors too. For your convenience, I'm putting THIS LINK to their main page so you can see the various products they have. The one my mom got us was $12.99. You can even order the popcorn kernels from Amazon too. My mom got us this huge container of Orville Redenbacher's 8lb container of it! 

What do you think of it? Would this be something you'd use with your family and friends? Tell me about it in the comments section below. I love hearing from you guys! 

Live Long and Prosper

Monday, September 6, 2021

Enjoying Fun Outside With Aerobie

Our family doesn't get to enjoy the outdoors as much as I would like. However, I'd like to use what time we do get out there in the most fun ways possible! Which is where Aerobie products come in. 

*Disclaimer: I was sent these products free of charge in exchange for my honest review and for hosting a party. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed. All opinions are strictly my own unless otherwise stated.*

I had never heard of Aerobie or even seen them in the store. I was chosen through Tryazon to host a party and showcase two of their products. The Sonic Fin Football and the Aerobie Pro Flying Ring. 

The Sonic Fin Football caught my attention because of its unique design. I had never seen a football that was hollow in the middle. I had also never seen one that was adjustable for right or left-handed throwing. I have a left-handed son who appreciates things like this. It is so cool, that Quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks has endorsed it! The gyroscopic core is designed for ideal air flow to allow for maximum throwing distance, which can be up to 100 yards. It even whistles as it flies at its top speeds. You can even get tips and tricks on better throwing techniques from I will say that it really has to go far and fast to whistle. 

The Flying Ring was fun. The girls had the most fun with that one. Even the little one chased after it.

As a Mom, I was most impressed that when she got hit in the leg by it, it didn't even phase her. This is a concern I have when it comes to having new toys. How likely are they to get hurt with it? This disc can really soar long distances! My husband likes to say it was as though "it has a motor on it".

Aerobie products come from the company we love - Spin Master! They are always pushing to come out with the next innovative toy. 

Sadly, our park time was cut short when my younger son went to catch the ball and fell into the freshly cut grass. He had an allergic reaction to something that touched his leg. 

We are looking forward to going back again and playing some more. Next time with more friends! And for a longer time. It makes for a wonderful outdoor experience that the whole family can get into. Even this broken Mama got to toss the ball!

Monday, August 30, 2021

Fun Brushing Starts With Plaque Disclosing Tablets!

Ever wonder just how well your children, or even you, are doing at brushing your teeth? Smile Brilliant wants to help!

*Disclaimer: I was sent a box of these to try out and share my personal review on them. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed. All opinions are strictly my own unless otherwise stated.*

My kids hear from their dentist quite often about proper care of their teeth. We have gone over it, but it doesn't always seem to click with them. Does this sound like something you have to deal with at home? If so, I think you need to look into plaque highlighters.

What are they?

Little tablets that color left behind germs like plaque! They show you what was missed so that kids (and adults too) can learn to better brush and protect their teeth. 

How does it work? 

It is actually pretty simple. Have your kid brush their teeth. You give them one tablet. They chew, while counting to 30. Then they swish everything around and spit out the remainder. Now you can see if they had done such a great job with brushing or not. 

If you see staining like in the pictures, then you know they missed some spots. They can now go back over those spots, brushing and rinsing until no more pink remains.  

This is a great tool for teaching proper brushing. It is one thing to tell them the way, but this allows for them to see actual results! They can start to see where they are missing to develop a better pattern. Or shall I say, a habit. It was quite informative to us! 

Why are they important?

Think of it like this. You want something to last a longer time, you have to put in good maintenance, right? This is a training too that will instill long term brushing habits that will protect their teeth. Could also save you money as a parent in dental hygiene bills. After all, the more they care for their teeth, the less time you are spending with the dentist or work in trying to get through to them!

Where can I get some?

Smile Brilliant has options for children and adults, alike. You can get packs that are based on how many days worth of supply you are wanting. Or what kind of deal fits your price range. There are 30, 60 or 90 day options, ranging from $12-$20. Even better is that you can get 25% off! Go through this LINK to get your discount when you use the code usfg25.

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear what you think and whether you think would find this product useful. So leave me a comment below! 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Cool Maker Salon Party from Spin Master Toys Make for an Awesome Night!

I love Spin Master! Have I said that yet? Even if I have, I'm saying it again. I love checking out their latest and greatest. This time, I was able to work with them through Tryazon to host a Cool Maker Salon party. 

*Disclaimer: I was sent these products in exchange for hosting a party and sharing a review. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed. All opinions are strictly my own unless otherwise stated.*

Spin Master makes all kinds of things that you have probably seen down the toy aisles of your local stores or even on Amazon. From RC vehicles to swimming gear to a girls spa night. Wait... what?? Yep, you heard me right. I hosted a spa night for girls using products that come from Spin Master. 

What did we try?

Ever seen the Orbeez Soothing Spa? That squishie ball-filled contraction to give kids a foot massage?

My daughter has wanted to try that ever since she first saw them. And now she finally has! It comes with 2,000 Orbeez that flow through the infinity waterfall to provide a soothing feeling to their feet.

You can get more Orbeez too if you want other colors or need to replace lost ones. And you will need to replace some of the Orbeez after little feet have been in it. We had several break apart. I also had an issue with the device in the prepping department. The little piece you are to put in to keep the Orbeez in the water and out of the waterfall function would not stay in place. I had to try 3 times, before I finally gave up.
I think that might be why there were some broken ones coming out the back filter zone. 

That being said, the girls loved it! They enjoyed the unique sensation of cold, wet-feeling balls rolling over their feet. I think this one was my own daughters favorite part.

Go Glam made for a fun challenge. We learned that the decals will not stick to any other nail polish than what was provided.

After a couple hours, the paint was peeling off the 5 year olds nails. (We forgot to put the top coat on.) Definitely watch the videos before you start using the products. They give you step-by-step instructions as well as troubleshooting helps.

Shimmer Me Body Art was new to me. We love doing temporary tattoos from time to time. This takes that to a whole new level! We had glitter and foil to add.

No wet rag (though we did try it). Not all the stickers worked in leaving behind a tattoo. But with practice, we were able to figure out the nuances of making it more likely to work. This was one of the girls favorite parts to the party! She had a beautiful pink llama all shiny and glitterized. She also had a planet that was cosmically cool with the rainbow foil added.
I was pretty impressed by the foil. Glitter - not so much! You could also add the stick on jewels. Those only stick longer if you follow the directions and wash/dry before applying!

These three products together make for a great party or even a sleepover option. Something fun and girly to do. As a Mom, I like seeing the smiles and hearing the giggles. It was a great time. I even got the adult ladies to try out the products! I like that there are videos on their YouTube channel to show you how each product works and how to troubleshoot any issues you might run into. We used some during the party. 

Where can you find some of your own?

Spin Master products are generally everywhere! Target, Walmart and Amazon are the top three I know of. They also have other kits and toys that add to the glam. So check them out and let me know which product you liked the most!