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Monday, April 8, 2013

Ridiculous Ramblings in Retail Returns (say that 5 times fast)

I thought you might enjoy another dose of humor. So here is a days worth of fun (triple bonus!). Hope you enjoy!

Popcorn brings out the strange in people….
I was standing at the front by the checkout lanes. Behind me is the Cafe. The gentleman working in there comes out to stand next to me and chat. An older lady comes up to us wanting popcorn.
"Right this way, Miss and I can get that for you." The employee says.
"What sizes do you have?" She asks.
"We have one size; small, medium and large - all rolled up into one." He tells her.
"I want a small!"
I couldn't help myself, I just had to walk away laughing.

Earlier that same morning there was someone else that went into the Cafe wanting popcorn. A deaf girl who was with her grandmother decided to pop in on their way out. Both were signing away as they finished checking out. As they neared the doors to exit, the girl stops and tells her grandmother she's going to get a drink and popcorn. The grandma says sure, go ahead.
So in walks the girl and orders her drink and a small popcorn. The lady behind the counter takes her order and hands her a cup. Then she pulls out the popcorn bag and fills it to almost overflowing. As the girl walks back to her grandmother, she has a puzzled look on her face. Her grandma asks why she got a bigger size.
"I didn't! I ordered a small and this is what the lady gave me."

That day must have been crazy for popcorn day. And from it I have a third interesting fellow to tell you about.
He walks in and orders popcorn. But he tells the employee behind the counter that he only wants popcorn that is all the same color.
He wanted only buttered (yellow) or non-buttered (white) pieces in his bag.
"I'm sorry sir, I can't separate the popcorn. It comes as I scoop it into the bag."
A suggestion was made that we give him two bags: one full of popcorn, the other empty. Then he can separate his own!

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