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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Keva Structures game review from MindWare Toys

I'm a home schooling mom of three. While my two boys are still preschool level, I use every opportunity I can to teach and enrich their knowledge. Children learn more from birth to five years old than they learn their entire life after. They have minds like sponges, soaking up concepts that we as adults might not understand. For my boys' learning, the best way to teach is through hands on activities. They are hyper active and don't like sitting still for long without some kind of stimulating exercises. MindWare sent me the Keva Structures game for a review.
It comes with 200 pine wood planks and a guide book with ideas for building. There is no messy glue, no connector pieces. Just wood and imagination!
I love these. Growing up, my dad had a wood shop. When he had small pieces of wood left over from a project he would let us play with them. In our minds it was more fun than any multi-gadget toys and noise makers. These planks smell like fresh pine. They are smoothly cut so as not to give little fingers splinters. They provide hours of quiet fun.
They actually used Keva planks to construct the worlds tallest Keva Structure in the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.. It was 51 feet, 8 inches tall! They used 5,123 planks and took 13 hours to build it.
Even my baby girl wanted to join the fun!
When the fun is all done, the kids get a chance to pick them up and practice their packing skills to fit everything into the box neatly. This game requires concentration and helps to refine motor skills as they design and build amazing structures.
As an added bonus, they also sent a sampler book of their MindWare Brain Teasers.
Extreme Dot-to-Dot anyone??
Highly detailed coloring pages.
And Venn Perplexors to really boggle the mind.
Everything at MindWare is based on learning and exploration. You can check out their website, Facebook or their Twitter to keep up with specials and news.  


  1. This looks like great fun! And it's educational? Win-win!! I am gonna look into this. Thanks. Super pictures. Thanks.

    1. It is! My boys ask to play with the "woods" all the time. We sit down as a family and try to see who can create the tallest or coolest looking structures. So glad to showcase this for you!