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Friday, July 20, 2018

Why DaffaDoot Should Be Your Go-To For Innovative Baby Gear

Imagine driving along with the kiddos in the backseat and suddenly hearing gagging. Ever been there before? That panic moment. Wondering what is happening, but unable to see what they are doing. A moment of panic... Well, I think DaffaDoot is the way to go to avoid just that. 
*Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed. I was not told what to say, all opinions are expressly my own.* 
This Momma of 4 has had moments just like that. But I can't just spin around and check whats going on. And despite what my children think, I don't actually have eyes on the back of my head. So having a mirror option is amazing. It can't just be any mirror though. You need to be able to easily attach it to something. It can't be sliding around making you crane your neck and squirm to see just right. The wider the view, the better - you can see everything that is going on behind you. Shatter-proof is always a plus. If you have kids, you know that things get broken without any apparent reason or cause. No assembly required - enough said for this Mom. Clear mirror. Don't know about you, but my eye sight isn't as good as I would have wanted. So I need something that is and stays as clear as possible. Able to pivot - which allows for horizontal or vertical mounting - means I can use it whichever way suits my needs best. 
So who do I trust to deliver all these in one? 

DaffaDoot. They have this awesome Back Seat Baby Mirror. It is for rear facing infants. It allows them to also see me. Which I think is pretty cool. Sometimes kids get cranky in the car. But if they can see us and know we see them, it has a calming effect. Installing it was extremely easy. Don't let my video say otherwise. I just have butterfingers tonight. 

DaffaDoot made themselves known with their innovative Crib Wedge. Designed and built to help fussy babies sleep better.
But that is not where they stopped. They moved on to other creations that give us parents the gear to go! I love their seat cover too. When picking which product to review for them, this one was something that I was seriously leaning to.
Having kids has definitely made keeping the vehicle, especially the seats, clean.... well, a lot harder. That is where something like this comes in super handy! I also love the sleek design. Easy to install, easy to wipe down. 

I think new parents, especially, but also parents of multiples can truly find something useful and practical from DaffaDoot. Being a mother of 4, I have had my fair share of baby gear. Each child has been different and displayed different needs. I've been through the colic stages. I've had the baby with the reflux issues. I'm glad to see innovation in products that enable comfort and ease for the parents and infants dealing with just such situations. So check them out and don't forget to let me know what you think in the comments below! 

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