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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Prepping for the Party!

First part of getting ready for a party, always has to be the invitations and guest list. We will be having a party for his friends to come to at our house and then head up to his Nona's for a family party. The first thing I did was write up a list of the people I thought he might want to invite and then ask for his input on them and any others he might want to ask over. I'm keeping it small since it will be on a Wednesday night (school night!). Then I went looking for some cool, free printables to turn into invitations that will follow his choice theme. I came across these on Family Shopping Bag. The picture was too small and I wanted to print multiple at once, so I copied the picture and put it into a Word document and made some tweaks. After my adjustments were made, they were card-sized and ready for envelopes.
I had to make envelopes. Since I didn't have small ones that fit these, I took regular big letter envelopes and cut them in half.
Then these cards fit into them and I taped up the sides and back. Looks cheap, but it works. Thankfully, I did not have many to send. Next task is to try and make at least one game and possibly some decorations. Can't believe that we are past the halfway mark in January already!


  1. So your birthday is next then Allens. So happy day to you both! Is Andrew and the kids doing something special for your day? I hope so. You are special. You desrve to have a nice day.

    1. Very true. But I don't think we have much planned for my birthday. Unless I'm planning, things don't happen. Sound familiar?

  2. Can't wait to see what else you do.