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Sunday, January 28, 2018

30 Never Looked so Good

To be honest, I was ready to forget my birthday. We are on a tight budget. My older three kids would not be home with us. And my husband was in the middle of his work week. Plus, it falls on a Sunday. The day I try to catch up on everything before the school week floods in again. Yes, I got a little down on myself about all this. And I even argued with my husband on the pointlessness about having a birthday party when you are as old as I am. But I have come to learn a couple things from this past week. Some things I think that Moms in particular need to be reminded of.

Just because we are Moms, doesn't mean we should skip celebrating ourselves. My Mother pointed out that I am to be an example to my girls. What example am I showing? That when you become a Mom, you give up on doing nice things for yourself? 

Or how about the idea that once you reach a certain age, no one should bother being happy for your special day? Whether you are 5, 21, 30 or 99+, you should always celebrate the day you were born. Each of us should be reminded that we were, and still are, loved on that day. More so, perhaps, than any other day of the year. It is after all, our day. Reflect on the past year and what you have accomplished while holding to the joy that you have a new year ahead to do even more!

If someone wants to do something nice for you, let them. I argued with my husband on this. After all we are on a tight budget. But, after realizing that he really wanted to do something, I caved. Sure, we can't do some of the things I would really want to do, but he at least made me cupcakes. We had them with the kids and a neighbor.
My kids were glad to have cake of course. And I got to use some of my Star Wars decorations for them.
We went out to dinner thanks to my Mother-in-law. Texas Steakhouse was quite hospitable. And the food was delicious! I was glad not to have to clean up the mess. For all those who freak out at turning 30, you are overreacting. Its as good, if not better, than turning 20. Plus, I can legally drink and not worry about being carded. Enjoy it. One day at a time.


  1. Money is overrated in a Birthday argument. My 5 year old goes outside and picks me flowers (weeds). I love it. She feels I am worth them on any day. I get so bogged down with "Mom, I need your help", that I forget they see me as someone they love and care for. Home made cards from scraps, noodle necklaces, and home made things (gifts) are well loved because in a few years you find those treasures again and the feeling of love comes flooding back in with the memories of those little ones. Was at the bank with my soon to be 21 year old. Our banker said remember the Johnny Jumper for babies? My instant thought was a picture of that child crashed out in it when he was 2! Now here is a grown man sitting next to me. Time flies but memories are forever (hopefully). Happy Birthday! I remember you as a beautiful dark haired baby with so much life ahead of you. Now you have kids of your own. Enjoy! Those years go by quickly!

    1. So very true. I wish my kids took more initiative towards doing things like that for me, but they haven't come to the realization yet.