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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wedding planning continues!

I had a question posed to me in the comments of my last wedding post. I'd like to take a moment to respond to that question before addressing the next part of our plans.

So the question is:
"I understand wanting a nice wedding. Here's my question...if you know you're going to do it, why wait? I just don't understand people who wait. A wedding is for those getting married and not so much others who attend. Just my thoughts."

My reply is this...
For us, there are a couple things having us wait. For starters, finances. We are doing it when we will have funding for everything. As I'm currently part time, I only have so much money to cover all the bills every month. Not much is left over for anything extra.
Secondly, is our desire to make it our perfect day. Regardless of who is there, we have imagined a day for us that is to our liking. We have put much planning into it. We want a day we will remember for the rest of our lives as one of the best.
And lastly, there are certain people we want to share that day with. So picking the time that gives them the chance to be there is important to us. I want my family from Florida to come in. I'd love my best friends to be there. And he has a brother in the Marines that he would like to serve as his Best Man.
Waiting and planning will give us this accomplishment. We can truly enjoy the act of being joined in matrimony and starting a lifetime together.

Now for the next step we took in planning the wedding...

We had to hire a photographer. Okay, maybe we could've had a family member taking pictures. And truly, we will need someone to video the ceremony as that doesn't come included. But this way, family and friends can enjoy the day without being assigned such tasks. We also had a special photographer in mind for this part of the planning. Lene Griego is the proud owner of Master Photography by LG, LLC. We had very special reasons for wanting her to be our photographer. I've known her for over 8 years now. I've seen her work through Facebook. And also because she has a wonderful green screen. My plans were to utilize her green screen so that every guest has the chance to put themselves in a professional photograph with a background of their own that they get to take home as a favor. My fiancĂ© and I have gotten to try this out at a couple comic cons. That's where we got this beauty done.

Master Photography has a physical location now that we hope to get our newborn pictures shot in. If you are looking for a fun or nerdy Christmas card this year, its not too late! You can call or stop by her location.  210-860-9005 or come by 8521 Blanco Road, inside the Mad Crafter Gift Shop.
Let me know what you think of our idea. Would you do something like this at your wedding?


  1. I like how your having a special 1 of a kind wedding. It does make it more memorable. I also like your DYI's. Glad you answered the question as it puts a nice light on things. It is very special to have a brother in the wedding and it is tough when they are military. I think the picture above is good. The green screne looks pretty real.