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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hickies can be a parents best friend...

Not that kind of hickie! Get your mind out of the gutter...
As part of the US Family Guide, I'm reviewing Hickies - No Tie Elastic Shoelaces. I have an 8 and a 6 year old that both have no interest in learning to tie their own shoes. We have attempted many times to go over the easiest ways to do so, without success. So I was quite thrilled to be offered the chance to try out Hickies.
These are no-tie elastic shoelaces. You simply thread them through the holes and fasten. They turn your sneakers or tennis shoes into easy, streamlined, slide on shoes! My kids prefer to slide their shoes on anyhow, even if they are the kind that get tied. This way, I'm not slowed down having to tie them each time we have to go somewhere. They have a great tutorial to walk you through the process in getting started with using them.
I like how sturdy they are. My kids wear out their shoelaces painfully quick. Shoelaces come unraveled and don't want to re-thread as they should.
They also loosen over time when your kids keeping sliding their shoes on or off. These things hold their elasticity.

Some good points in their favor:
  • They work with any shoe that has eyelets.
  • One size fits all.
  • Elastic keeps shoes secure and comfortable.
  • Play will be uninterrupted by pesky retying.
  • Fun look without knots and bows.
  • 3 levels of adjustable tightness.
  • Quick and easy to slide on or off and be on your way.
    They have a current promotion running through US Family Guide. You can get 20% off just in time for stocking stuffers! Use the code, USFG at checkout to save. This code expires on November 30th, however, so you better check them out soon. Use the link below to get started.
Also on their website, if you buy 2+ packs, shipping is only 99 cents. And if you buy 4, you get another for free. Stack up the savings and give them to kids you know as stocking stuffers. Save the parents some grief this coming year.


  1. Wow! What a truly amazing product. I clicked the link but can't find the site. I'll look these up on the net. Great review. I thought the kids shoes with the Hickies product were new ones.

    1. I'll repost the link. But you still can use the code.