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Monday, August 29, 2016

Lego Americana Roadshow

Another thing we did this weekend, was take the kids to the North Star Mall for the Lego Roadshow. It was a Saturday and Sunday event where kids and adults alike could participate in building a replica of the Liberty Bell as well as go on a scavenger hunt around the mall to various Lego replicas of historical buildings from around America.
These were amazing works of art that resulted from hours of dedicated building.
Once you completed the scavenger hunt, you were awarded a poster with fun information about American history with a Lego twist here and there. 
The Liberty Bell build was fun. We grabbed the parts they listed and took them home in bags to build later.
It will go nicely with my custom Lego museum. 
They have a couple more stops to make when they leave here on Labor Day. You can see where by going here


  1. That is a cool show. Who knew?

    1. I didn't until the day before. A friend of mine let me know so I could take the kids.