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Monday, July 25, 2016

Office Depot deals and the stock pile

I love the Office Depot deals. Their weekly changing of the penny deals helps me save money and put aside the supplies that my elementary kids and college fiancĂ© need. Last week I almost didn't get anything. This week I hit two stores and scored at both. I have pronged folders for all of them, mechanical pencils for the fiancĂ©, colored pencils, Sharpie markers, pencil boxes and notecards. 
This entire lot cost me a little under $2! Some of the pencil boxes I will be using to organize my office supplies box for easier access throughout the year. The notecards are great for quick lists or to keep in the car for those "I need paper!" moments. The pack of Sharpie markers were $1 for 5. I picked up the color pencils as I noticed my kids have gone through most of theirs and were .50. You are supposed to have a $5 minimum purchase. What I found is that when they scan everything, then total it out - the discounts apply.

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