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Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer time is here, half a year is gone...

Can you believe that we are already over half a year into 2016? July is here. Summer is in full swing. I have to mark my calendar with all the events we have lined up for the next 3 months just to keep up. And I have to check in on it often. With 3 little ones and hitting the 4 ¾ months in the pregnancy, I’d crazy without that little bit of order.

So what does the start of July mean for me?
My daughter continues to get caught up on her shots so she can start preschool this year! My 3 year old baby won’t be the baby for long… She turns 4 next month and goes to school the following month! Where has time gone?

July – August also means that soon we will take our boys to 6 Flags. My little smarty pants duo won tickets and they will soon be eligible for use. A day of fun, sun, and roller coaster rides! Even though I’m pregnant, I’m considering riding some milder ones… Though this story about one getting stuck on the tracks and the riders needing to be rescued worries me a bit.
There is also a retro gaming convention coming up.
My boys play Super Mario Bros and Minecraft among the newer games of Lego Dimensions and Skylanders. So if I’m able to introduce them into true retro gaming – i.e. Arcade games, Atari, Sega, Nintendo 64…. YES! My kids will be nerds and I will be one proud mama. I might also take at least the older one to Austin to play Minecraft Summer Splash!
You get to play Minecraft Undersea Adventure in theaters on the big screen – with CaptainSparklez. For those of you who aren’t big nerds… Minecraft is an awesome game! And it is one that now allows you to play in an underwater world (something I have yet to be able to do). CaptainSparklez is a huge hit on YouTube that posts videos of himself playing Minecraft. He’s in the top 100 list for having the most subscribers on YouTube. (How sad is it that this guy is a major hit and younger than me…). This group of events is going on across the country, lasts for 5 days, and is being hosted by Super League. My oldest son would lose his mind…

We are also in the summer reading program for Half Price Books!
I am trying to get their 300 minutes of reading in for July towards free books since they love reading. If you haven’t gotten into it, just print up a form for the month of July and get on it!
July 4th is this weekend. So many events are happening around San Antonio. I’m hoping to take my kiddos to the base up the street for some family fun and the fireworks. We bought some glow sticks and I plan on making them s’mores too.  But more than all these fun things, I want my kids to understand why we celebrate Independence Day. What freedoms we were granted as well as the cost.

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  1. You are busy. I understand it. We will be busy for a while also.