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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Not the best month, but getting better?

Being a Mother is never easy.
Some say its the hardest job in the world. This month has been one crazy, difficult, and even painful time for this Momma. My stress levels have been through the roof. I've battled a pinched nerve in my lower back, daily migraines in the head, and even a delayed menstrual cycle. So what's been going on to make so much trouble? 

Back to school for my two boys has had me pulling out my hair. I'm running around buying supplies, trying to get the deals so I'm not going broke in the process, and getting them vaccinated for their entry. I had to buy them new clothes that fit their schools dress code. But I'm happy to say that they are now ready for Monday morning. Now to make sure we wake up on time.... Oh but then I hear there is a new way of teaching called the Common Core. So off to the internet I go to research this strange new concept. 

"What do the Common Core State Standards mean for students?

Today's students are preparing to enter a world in which colleges and businesses are demanding more than ever before. To ensure all students are prepared for success after graduation, the Common Core establishes a set of clear, consistent guidelines for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level in math and English language arts." 
I beg to differ with that first part. I work in retail and let me tell you... they weren't looking for the cream of the crop when they hired some of these people. They were only looking for people who fit into a physical ability guideline or who had a military background. Most of the people I work with can't think for themselves. Their best quality is how well they can complain and confuse others. Or maybe they were the cream of the crop as far as who applied for the job and those in charge of hiring got desperate. Most jobs these days are looking for bodies and not the brains. Sure, the "requirements" state that a position needs someone able to rise above all others. But once you charm your way through the interview, who cares right? Thankfully, Texas didn't adopt this type of teaching. I urge parents to check into the Common Core and what this means for your children's learning. 

Then there are birthdays. Sadly, I didn't get a card to my dad on time this year. This was followed by daughter turning 3 years old. Where did those three years go? It seems like yesterday I was racing to the hospital, praying that we didn't get pulled over or that I didn't deliver her in my father-in-law's van. Now she tells me she's a big girl who doesn't need bumper pads around her bed, picks out her clothing, and can tell you all about the various princesses. Her mind blows me away at times. I've found out recently that this little miss has learned to count by herself. From listening to her brothers and I recite the numbers, she has put them to memory. There goes my baby... Then there is another birthday at the end of this month that I have been planning a get together for. Who knew it was so difficult to get a group of adults to converge at a centralized location, have dessert, and otherwise be entertained? 
These have been the main events of the month that have kept my mind on a constant reel. Then I have a full time job that was cut to part time, dealing with an ex-husband, researching a move, daily activities of cleaning, feeding and caring for three highly active children, and trying frantically to get a minimum of 3 hours of sleep everyday.  I have some reviews to write for you all as well. Food, office supplies, labels, and maybe even a movie one coming your way. Just not today... Oh yes, lets not forget that I'm on the job search as well. Applying for and praying I get a new job that pays equal to what I have now but hours conducive with my kids being in school. Which reminds me.. I have to go shopping for more "professional" styles. I don't think my Nerd shirts and Zelda dress qualify for interview outfits. 

So how am I dealing with all this and keeping my sanity? I'm taking a little time for myself. I might sacrifice an hour of sleep, but I'll stay awake watching an anime series one episode at a time. I have 3 books from one series that I will also start taking the time to read 30 minutes per sitting. And today? My ex will take the kids to a birthday party while I will slip away to spend time with intelligent adults before having to come home to sleep for work at 4 AM. It doesn't get easier unless we step up our game and make it so. That's my goal. 

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