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Monday, August 24, 2015

First day of school has arrived!

Time to cry tears of joy! Freedom from the munchkins for 8 hours!!! Okay not really. Tears of bittersweet. I'm proud of my boys getting an education. I'm sad that I have been unable to provide it all myself. But this will work for the better for our family. 
I stayed up after they went to bed to make sure all the school uniforms were clean and paired together. 
Yes, I even had fresh underwear set out. I made their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with plenty of snack-like foods to keep them full today. I froze their fruit flavored waters so that they would slowly defrost and provide something cold to drink. 
To save time, I also laid out their socks in their shoes. Moms and dads know how hard multiple shoes and socks can be to keep together. This is why larger families don't fly. 
My oldest wanted to be a butt about getting his picture taken, but at the last minute made this face. My younger son was super excited. That is until we got to the school. 
His dad had to push him along to class. It's going to be quite interesting when we finally pick them up later today. I have a feeling it will look something like this when we get home... 


  1. The water trick is good for ice packs. I love the organizing tips. The last photo is great! Too funny!!!

  2. Well? How did they make out on the first day of school?