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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Just don't fit in with today's crowd

Let's face it. I'm an introvert and quite proud of that fact. I don't like people. I avoid them. I love to stay at home, write, surf YouTube or Netflix and I steer clear of anything on the popular list. This doesn't mean I don't like some of the things that modern 20-something's enjoy. But I'm usually at a loss when someone mentions a pop culture reference. I don't care what the Kardashians are up to. I find them repulsive. I don't want to know what teen moms are like, I've met some and I see them as idiots. I don't like "reality" TV as most of it is staged anyhow. The news is something I check online when I want to know what's going on, but I generally could care less. I prefer to research things as the interest strikes me. 
I love to dance and shake down when I hear a song I like. I also encourage my kids to do so. Granted, I'm as white as they come and maybe sometimes it shows when I move... but hey, I've seen worse and I make it look better. I like the Cupid Shuffle. Its easy to follow. I've gotten lost to Soulja Boy though. And now I find there is a new one... Silento came up with Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae). First of all, where do they get their names? Silento is a better one than Soulja Boy or Puff Daddy/P. Diddy whoever he is now... but still. And the name of this song?? What the heck is a Nae Nae supposed to be? I get the whip it part. Sorta. Then comes the Stanky Leg. Say what?! What is up with that? Why would you dance to something like that? Call me old school, but I think Electric Slide is way better. Or Tootsie Roll which is what we did in the 3rd grade during dance day in class. Macarena let dancers of all races have fun without making anyone seem out of place. Yes, simpler dances, but fun for all. I'm ready to get back to Gangnam Style even, before trying something like Nae Nae. 

And TV? Forget it. I rather watch things on Netflix. Okay, maybe the History Channel. But nothing else really interests me. Series have lost their flare for me. Once Upon a Time is okay as its something I share with my younger sister and gives me something to talk to her about (though I'm behind by... 2 seasons?). There are so many shows that I've seen commercials for that I scratch my head at. Where have we gotten these ideas? Why are these things "entertaining"? Who watches this junk?! Teen Moms... Do we want to encourage teen pregnancy? And where do they find these girls to follow? 
Vampire shows are abundant and over-dramatized. True Blood, The Originals, Vampire Diaries... Now there is one coming about a zombie coroner. iZombie?
Seriously? Eat the brains of the victim to determine the cause of death. Shaking my head here. 
NCIS and Law & Order seems to have one show for every major city, right? And when I meet people who believe that the technology used in these shows is "real" I want to slap them. HELLO! Its TV! If these things were real, crime rates would be so much lower than they are. Plus the prisons would be crammed as more cases would get solved. 

How is it that the Simpsons are still going? Truth be told, I've never liked it. Don't think I've even seen a full episode. And I have absolutely no desire to. Family Guy goes right along with this one. I think I'd lose brain cells watching it. 

Music is another post all in its own... Give me the oldies of the 80's, 90's or the ones that fall into the "Indie" category. Delain, Halestorm, Steam Powered Giraffe, Basshunter, District 78, and those that are similar to Glitch Mob are in my playlist. Forget Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, or One Direction (which seems to have broken off into a couple directions). Mainstream music doesn't follow reason. The only "popular" artists I truly love are Fall Out Boy and Pink. Other than that, its hit or miss. 

I'm going to retreat into the safety of my closer friends. Where history, science, and intelligence take priority in our conversations. I'm going to pass on the pop culture and mainstream of today. I'm a Nerd. Proud and true. Deal with it. 

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  1. I watch old shows on youetube. Like Dragnet and Racket Squad. Good stuff.