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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Making Minion cupcakes

I really love baking. So much so, that I have to seriously start working out again. When I do bake, I try to bring and share at work. Really good way to make sure I'm not stuck eating it all myself. Today, we had cupcake wars.
Sadly, I'm the only one who brought in anything and won by default. Not cool! But getting a gift card was cool... I made these adorable Minion cupcakes along with multi flavored icing-topped cupcakes. 
What you need: 
Cupcakes, make any kind you like
Twinkies, each one makes 2 minions
Smarties candy or premade sugar eyes
Black detailing icing
Blue icing: you can use blue confetti icing and skip the confetti or buy white icing and blue food coloring

Ice the tops of your cupcakes. Then follow the video instructions below to make your minions.