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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Teaching my husband to drive....

I can't believe how stressed out I got in less than 5 minutes of being the passenger while my husband was driving for the first time. He's so excited. But so not good behind the wheel. 


  1. Welcome to my world!! I have 2 current drivers like that. I had done this years ago and thought I would die from the stress then. Well I lived only to wonder if now is my time because in a few more years, I will have 2 more to go through this with. Gotta love life!!

  2. Don't be nervous - you will be fine after he practices it a lot. It will go very smoothly soon and you can relax in your passenger seat. How do you feel being passenger seat first time a few days ago? Make sure he practices a little everyday and it will go smoothly each day. Also tell him to double look at the all mirrors for polices, firetrucks, etc. Pull over for them.

    1. I'm not good with being a passenger! But I'm learning a great amount about being patient....