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Saturday, March 14, 2015

February's Bulu Box review

My February Bulu Box arrived. Forgive my delay at finishing the review, but I wasn't all that thrilled this time. This one contained; 28 heart healthy tips, trubrain THINK DRINK, MET-Rx PRIME peanut butter banana bar, 2 packs of VITA PERK, Sant kickstarter, and a Balance Bare bar. 

Since February was National Health Month, we should be taking time to increase our healthy living activities. Heart disease runs strong, so I like having this guide with tips that I can easily hang on the fridge and glance over often. On the back, they included a few coupons as well. Though don't think February is the only month to be heart conscious!

The MET-Rx Prime bar has 20g of protein, 12g of fiber and only 210 calories.
It's great for your metabolism. They are free of artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors. They are also gluten-free with 300mg of Omega-3's from flaxseed. I am happy that they are free of artificial growth hormones. This makes it safer to give my kids some when they want a bite. It's recommended that you eat one with 8 ounces of water for best results. It's thick and chewy.
You can taste the hint of banana amidst the peanut butter. You're definitely going to need to drink water with it. Not too bad overall. 
Balance bare bar was delicious. It was chewy and crunchy all at once with well defined fruit mixed in. It's a nutritional energy bar. Non-gmo, soy free, gluten free and even dairy free.
It makes a good source of fiber in your diet while helping you feel a little full in between meals. 
TruBRAIN think drink tasted like a super sweet fruit punch.
Like Koolaid on sweet steroids. It had a tangy kick to it. It's supposed to help you "access your brains full potential". I had to look it up as there was no information on the sample I'd received. 

"Why did we reinvent energy drinks?

Our team of UCLA trained neuroscientists set out to solve the problem that energy drinks do not genuine focus.
  • Crafted with the perfect amounts of active nootropics
  • Loaded with amino acids to fuel the thinking process
  • Flavored with all natural ingredients like blue agave and monk fruit
  • Provides direct support for concentration and focus
  • Validated with the latest wearable technology"
I don't drink coffee, so I'll be sending the Vita Perk packs home with my dad to try in his coffee. They are packets that add vitamins and minerals to your coffee. I will try the Sant Kickstarter. Its a dried super fruit that you infuse in water. 
You can check out Bulu Box subscriptions here. They are good for those who want to try unusual but healthy things to get life into better habits.