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Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Gevalia House Party

Three families came together last night to share in the enjoyment of friendship while sipping the delectable Gevalia Kaffe blends.
I prepared a simple party get-together where the adults could relax and sip on the coffees while the kids ran around playing together.
They are made from real milk and come in 2 easy steps. First, you open the froth packets and pour it into your coffee cup.
Simply place your cup under your single-serve machine and put the K-cup into the top.
Select the 8 ounce size, press and watch the froth swirl to the top! Give it a quick stir when its ready and be prepared for a mini break from all you are striving to accomplish. Its a two-step process that makes something complex, become easy.
I even made a chocolate cake to share.
Being a part of House Party, they sent me a party kit that had the coffee packs, coupons to give out, and some cool stencils to play with while decorating the foam!

The Caramel Macchiato was, out of the three flavors I tried, my favorite! The scent of caramel draws you in and the taste was excellent! Its not heavy on the coffee flavor, which is what I really liked. And its only slightly sweet. I also found that my younger sister was consistently stealing sips when I turned away... I think though, part of my favorite experience with this one was having the froth already added in.

The next flavor that seemed to be enjoyed, was the Mocha Latte.
I asked my dad about his opinions.
He's the family connoisseur of coffees:
Dad: (he was drinking the Mocha Latte) Smells great. My mouth felt a little dry after drinking it. I'm not used to flavored coffee.

I tried the Cappuccino flavor. I don't think I like cappuccino at all now. It was strong and bitter to me. But then, I'm not big on coffee.
Overall, we had a great night with lots of fun memories! Our kids were worn out and promptly ready for bed too. Can't get much better than that!
If you use Cartwheel, you can currently get 30% off a box of Gevalia. Just in time for the holiday parties! This offer ends November 30th though.


  1. I love these parties you through. Every one is having a good time. I never would have thought to have a coffee party but tis the season to do something different. Thanks.

    1. I'm glad I was chosen as one of the bloggers to host it. Companies are eagerly seeking ways to get the word out about their products. Nothing beats Word of Mouth, especially from Words of a Texas Nerds' mouth.

  2. This was great stuff. My pretty Rebekah loves the Carmel one. I got a box for her. I will be getting another box soon.

    1. That one is my favorite too! My husband likes the chocolate one, Mocha Latte. I got him another box of it. I still have $1 off coupons if you want some.