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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Short story review for "Those Devils"

I've been given the chance to read and review a short story, Those Devils, written by a friend of mine. His name is James DeSantis. He is currently moving up on Amazon's Best Seller list and is/was around 86th in line! I've mentioned him before as I read his book, Exterminators Infected. He has the great talent of writing dark but inviting tales. This one is no different.
It's about a man who has lost his mind. He has completely lost himself in this alternate reality that only he can see and that is all in his imagination. He sees other humans as being "devils" who are out to kill him. He also takes it upon himself to kill them when the chance arises. A team of military trackers are given the orders to hunt him down and eliminate him. But this guy is not the type to roll over and die. He also has training in self defense. This short story runs through the events of a single night and the outcome that you don't really see coming. He has imagined that he was dating a wonderful girl who was brutally raped and then murdered. He seeks revenge but has enough control to know that living to kill another day is more important. His hunters get closer than he would like and then the cataclysmic event that shows the truth comes about. I truly hope there is more to come from this great author. He shows promise and a unique writing style (especially with his New York accent flowing into his writing).
James has this story currently for sale on Amazon.com for .99. Its a great read if you are into dark terror and twisting plots that have you asking for more as you grip the edge of your seat. Check it out and let me know what you think! Don't want just one review? Check out this vlog review by Nick Pell.