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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

noblo review

I finally made a trip to the beach after receiving my noblo for review.
It's essentially a sack that you fill with sand.
Then you use the attached leash to Velcro around the top of your umbrella near the spokes. You put this bag of sand in the direction of the wind to hold your umbrella in place.
We followed the steps (except my husband attached the strap too far down). I only had one issue with this product - when I went to move the leash down and pulled on the Velcro, it detached from the material it was sewn to. It still works to do what it's meant to though. After alerting the owner to this, she informed me that they have a quality control unit, but sometimes, as with anything manufactured, the defects aren't always caught. She offered to ship me another one. We love having the umbrella shade since our family is mostly made up of fair-skinned children. Burning under the Florida sun is easy when you are fooled by the cool breezes.
We had some light breezy gusts on our trial day. The noblo kept the umbrella in place. No chasing after it for us! This was great since the babies were sitting under it with my husband. Hard to run after an umbrella with a toddler in hand. You can get your own noblo on their website for $16.50 each. Shipping was prompt and it came within a week for me. I love the blue, but there are some other nice colors to choose from as well. Each one is made of sturdy nylon with a Velcro closure. My final reason for liking this company? Made right here in the States, New Jersey to be precise. Started by moms ;-) So check them out and leave a comment telling me what you think about them!

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  1. This goes great with the umbrellas for the beach. they have a stand you can buy at stores but you have to drill it into the sand making it difficult to get into the sand. This one is much easier to use.