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Sunday, August 18, 2013

BuildASign.com business cards review

I just received 250 business cards as a review promotion from BuildASign.com.
I created a personalized design using the easy to understand tools they provide. I didn't have to download anything. It took less than 10 minutes to create the cards for my husbands Lego business. They have designs you can use as well with imagery and preset boxes where you add your own texts. The cards are on durable card stock. They look so professional. My husband is thrilled.
As a blogger looking to expand my audience and my husband who is looking to take his Lego selling from a hobby to an actual home based business, business cards are a welcome way of advertising. Especially since they are far more portable and less pricey than other ways. BuildASign.com has other advertising options as well such as banners, various magnets, signs, bumper stickers, license plates, decals, stakes and frames, and more! Some of these are even shipped free. I did the math for the business cards. 250 cards for $13.99 = .05 each! Not bad when you consider the return you'd get for your business being promoted.
I great recommend you checking them out. I even have a nifty button on the side of my blog so if you want to get to them quick and don't want to search for this post, just check the right side there! Let me know what you think about them. I love hearing from my readers.


  1. There once was a day that everyone carried cards with their names on them. Some even with an address. This was so if you went to some ones house or business and they weren't there you would leave a card. This way they knew exactly who came buy. I like this. If someone stops at my home, I would know they were there if I found a card. Also a neighbor had some cards printed with his contact info and when new neighbors moved in he would introduce himself and give them his card. Incase an emergency or if anything happened in the neighborhood, he was easily notified cause we had his card on the fridge. What a great way to get to know folks. Also I have been in the store and meet someone. It would be a lot easier to pull out a card rather than fish for a pen and paper (that I usually loose). Just a thought.

    1. Those are excellent ideas! I think we should reach out to others more and this is a great way to do so. Thanks for sharing the idea!