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Monday, April 1, 2013

Journey Bar new flavors review

Journey Bars are amazing! I did a review on them quite a while back. After that initial tasting I've since kept in touch with Marguarette, the co-founder of Journey Bar. She recently contacted me about the new flavors they have added to the collection as well as some great changes they made to a favorite. The new flavors are Sea Salt and Sesame Ginger.
I thought the Sea Salt one was pretty good. Its chewy, tastes lightly of sea salt with the grainy flavor of the quinoa and amaranth.The Rosemary still tastes wonderful but now comes in chewy goodness.
I shared the latest ones with my mom to get some variety in the opinions, though, we often enjoy the same things. Here's what she had to say about them:
The Rosemary was good. I like it soft. It allows us old folks to chew it. I like the taste just as I did before. It is nice that it isn't full of sugar. When I eat a lot of sweet things it makes me wanna keep eating which is bad for my weight. I tried the Sea Salt one. Not bad. I still like the Rosemary one best. The Sesame Ginger has a much milder flavor than the Rosemary. It is good. Not too sweet and doesn't taste like cardboard. I could eat it. I am going to eat them as a meal replacement bar. Thanks for sharing them.
All of the bars are chewy, gluten-free, vegan, with added protein. I plan to get more and use them as my work meals. It saves money (even more so than normal brown bag lunches would). One of these bars and my reusable water cup keeps me energized and satisfied. And it would amount to about $2 for my lunch!
You can buy the Journey Bars online by checking their website here. Or search for a store near you that has them. I checked online and did some pricing: A sample pack that consists of 1 of each flavor is $10 or you could get the 12 variety pack for $22. There's another website (Drugstore.com) that sells them 12 for $18. That's a real deal on a healthy meal for someone on the go!
If you are out and about, you don't neccessarily want something sweet, sticky and messy. Sweets can make you hungry for more which adds pounds, sticky messes get everywhere and require wipes or a stop to wash hands. That's where savory, flavorful bars have their competitors beat. Check them out and let me know what you think! They have a Facebook Page as well as a Twitter account. Follow them and watch to see where they will be going next since they do events.

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