Monday, July 13, 2020

Medieval Times in Dallas is Re-Opening on the 15th!

Before the pandemic, we had plans to go see Medieval Times. Dinner and a jousting show! What more could we want?? Sadly, we arrived right after they shut Dallas down. But our trip wasn't a total bust. We met the manager, who was kind enough to give us a personal tour and tell us all about the show, the horses, the characters! It was amazing.
I'd always heard about Medieval Times, yet I'd never had the pleasure of going. It is more than a meal. It is also more than a show. It is an experience. An unforgettable one. Since our trip, I have kept in touch with the manager as well as followed the Dallas Castle to see what was going on. Far from sitting idle on the sidelines, they have been actively assisting the community and keeping the online entertainment going!
Videos have been shared on their Facebook page and YouTube channel. I love the funny ones that the knights and queens made from various castles, showing how they are surviving the pandemic. They show off the horses and falcons which are still being well cared for (which makes this horse lover very happy). My 3 year old has been talking about the horses since that trip in March. She can't wait to see them again. Magnificent creatures, they are still participating in trainings with their riders.

The knights at Medieval Times truly care about the horses. They aren't like
circus animals - they are like a part of the Medieval Times family. As are
their falcons.
We were still planning to take our trip up there. My husband had even asked off some time towards the end of July. However, things here are ramping up again and we won't be able to make that trip after all. Normally, I'd be writing this post as a review, but instead I wanted to tell you guys some great news about their reopening. Right now, they are offering a great discount. You can currently get 25% off your ticket purchases.
Now is when you want to start purchasing your tickets and planning your visit. They will be reopening on July 15th. Using health guidelines, they have plotted out the best way to allow everyone back in without compromising the health and safety of all their guests.
Planning Your Trip

They want to make sure you are ready and enjoy your trip to the fullest! So they have their own blog post to help you through the decision-making process. Check it out HERE.
Don't just take my word for it though. From my conversations with the manager and from what I've seen in our trip, I think this is the perfect way to break the monotony and ruts we have been in during the pandemic. It is time to get out there and share smiles with those you care about. And watching knights in action while eating the feast of a Queen?! How can you go wrong with such a combination??
Do me a favor though. If you have ever been, or if you go, won't you please tell me all about it? Leave me a comment. I'd like to live the adventure through your story. Stay well!

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