Thursday, May 16, 2019

An Easy Guide to Hosting an Out of This World Star Trek Party

My husband is a huge Star Trek fan. Or as they are known, a Trekkie! The perfect opposite to my own Star Wars obsession. As his Nana so poetically put it on the custom shirts she made for our family, "The Stars have aligned", when we got married. 
I was happy to finally be able to throw him a real birthday party this year! Now that we live near his family, it was well worth putting together. And if you have a Star Trek fan you want to party with, I'm gonna outline some tips to making it perfect on a budget! 


Every great party comes with decor. You pick the theme and then you decorate to match. So for Star Trek parties, you need stars.
I found these great foil ones at the Dollar Tree. They come 5 per pack. I picked up a pack of the gold ones. My husband cut them to look like Com Badges. The sides that he cut off, he then made into mini com badges.
I used black streamers to make the hanging decorations with the big ones and then the little ones will be strewn on the black table cloth like confetti.
I had the black table cloth on hand already as I had a tendency to buy various colors on clearance when I could... And I was planning to use it for a Minecraft party. (My kids changed their minds though.) But if you need one, the Dollar Tree is a great place to look. They had a bunch of colors you don't see often with graduation styles currently in stock.
Plus other colors that they always have. You could use blue or red (colors of the shirts) and even yellow. I'm also planning to use the Galaxy Candle jars I had made and used for our wedding as decorations. I picked up silver party plates at the Dollar Tree as well. Pinterest was a life saver for getting ideas going. Click the previous link to see the board I put together. 

Party Foods

Pinterest really helped me get ideas for Star Trek foods. I didn't want to gross out our guests with the authentic foods. Like Rokeg Blood Pie and the one that looks like worms... So I decided instead to stick with a pizza shaped like the Enterprise star ship. We will also have Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pinwheels. 
To wash it all down, I plan to make Romulan Ale
and Klingon Blood Wine
(both non-alcoholic). I'll be getting Blue Hawaiian Punch for the first and picked up V8 Splash Berry Blend for the latter.
Party Fun

My Mother-in-Law helped me get these cool name tags printed. (My Pinterest board has the link to the PDF for them.)

Everyone knows that Dr. McCoy is constantly telling Captain Kirk what he isn't. So I thought it would be funny to see what everyone comes up with. And then we have Pin the Badge on the Officer game! And lastly, I'm going to make a Pin the Badge on the Officer game! Super easy, but should be lots of fun. To make one, tape some paper together and have a kid stand against to make your outline. Color in your "officer" and create a com badge to be "pinned" on. Voila! 

There you have it! Depending on how much you want to put into this, you can play Star Trek tunes in the background.
I've considered making a "Live Long and Prosper" banner too, but not sure I have enough supplies to pull it off. If nothing else, just making sure you say it at least once and share the Vulcan greeting hand sign!


  1. You have a lot of awesome ideas! Very creative!

  2. The idea you have are awesome and very creative too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love themed parties... and not just for my kids... for grown-ups too. I'm cool like that, haha, or nerdy. Depends on who's talking. Very creative!

    1. So do I! Haha We are nerds here and think it is so much more fun :)

  4. I think that’s a great theme party! Sounds like so much fun!

  5. My boss is a huge fan of Star Strek, and Star Wars. I will save this idea for her upcoming office bday party!