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Monday, March 5, 2018

When Crap Flies... Literally!

I sit here, in extremely high spirits. I cannot tell you what a day it has been. I woke up feeling that no matter what happened, it would all work out. God is in control. That doesn't mean that I wasn't feeling slightly apprehensive. After all, we had a morning meeting scheduled with a lawyer to deal with some legal issues that involved my ex-husband. Meetings like that always carry a foreboding feeling, no matter how well you think you are prepared for it. Despite my hesitations, the meeting went so well, that I forgot all worries in connection to it. The future has taken on a more glorious hue. 
Of course, after such a morning, my husband and I were enjoying lunch and watching Ocean's Thirteen. That is when my daughter decided to truly let go and walk. She has known how to and has made several steps on her own just fine, but has refused to let go for good. Well, that changed today. She let go and toddled across our bedroom and the living room floors without demanding a hand to hold or seeking furniture to guide her along. At 15 months, it's about time! I'm so proud of her though. Maybe she took her time, but she found her way to her own feet. She is ready to be a little more independent. 

That is when we came to the event that spurred the title for this post. She had a great lunch with us. We had cleaned her up. We had put away the mess. And then happily settled back down for the movie. That's when we noticed the smell. And the grunts. She was being cute and happy, just sitting over on the bottom stair that led up to the second floor. But you could tell she was having some concentrating moments over there. Once she finished, I started the changing process. Grabbed the diaper and wipes, then grabbed her. We got comfy on the floor and I went to work. It was a smelly one. As I finished with the first wipe, I reached for another wipe. That is when she reached down, grabbed the dirty diaper and swung. You know when something crazy happens and it is in slow motion? This was one of those moments. I could hear myself yelling, "Nooooo!" My husbands reaction was similar, though I did not see his face. Probably priceless material there. She swung the diaper and it landed squarely on the side of her head. She had poop on her face and in her hair. I had one leg in my hand and reached to wipe the rest of her bum with my other hand. My husband scooped up the diaper and grabbed her hand closest to him. I finished with her rear and grabbed her remaining free hand. Part of me wanted to gag. I wanted to cry. But I was laughing too hard. My husband was mortified, slightly laughing and over all saying how gross it was. It was an epic moment. And as soon as I get the notebook back from my Mother, I'm writing this story down in her book. I keep a notebook for each of my kids. Stories like this, memories, or even just those life lessons I want my kids to think about as adults are going into these notebooks. This is one memory we won't want to lose!
Happy parenting moments to you all!


  1. Those books are a great idea for mothers day. For those who have everything or just want to give a 1 of a kind gift. Write down all the memories you can remember.

  2. Oh, and yes, this has happened to me.