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Sunday, November 26, 2017

New Recipes My Family Loves

I have been trying to pull my family out of the dinner rut. We duplicate so many meals every couple weeks. So throwing in something new here and there, keeps us from feeling food stale. Here are some of the recipes we are liking in the mix. Enjoy!

Our version of Chinese Dinner Night - Sometimes, you come across products that might not be homemade or authentic, but your family loves them. Our local HEB offers just such options. My family loves our version of Chinese Night. I get Sesame Chicken, General Tso's Chicken, Potstickers, Egg Rolls and make homemade fried rice to complete the assembly.
Hearing the call for seconds and thirds is a normal occurrence on these nights. So, I greatly encourage you to check out your local grocery store for similar items. I'm not the best with foreign cooking, but if you can manage to make such foods, even better!
 One Pot Cajun Chicken and Sausage Alfredo Pasta was a huge hit at our house. It reminds me of the Cajun Chicken Pasta dish served by Cheddar's. 

Teriyaki Meatballs and Fried Rice is something we made while trying out Kikkoman products. 2/3 of my kids loved them! (The baby isn't ready for them yet.) My mom even used the recipe to make a meatloaf from it! So it you are looking to get tangy with your cooking, this is the way to go!

Breakfast for dinner! We don't often get to eat breakfast as a family. In fact, several of us are not even morning people. To better enjoy these wonderful foods, we have them for dinner. And the best part of all? There are so many "breakfast" options that you can switch it up from time to time. We like pancakes or waffles, hash browns (or rounds), eggs, bacon and/or sausage, biscuits or toast and fresh fruits or even a smoothie to complete the meal. 
Slow Cooker Creole Chicken and Sausage is a personal favorite. Not as much to the kids, but my husband liked it too. You can spice it up or keep it mild depending on how your family prefers it.


  1. I found curry seasonings in a packet from Save A Lot that is so easy and the family likes. I do meal planning for a whole month at a time now. It makes life easy and saves a ton of money. I use a hang up calendar we hang on the fridge. The first month I forgot about leftover night, so the second month I added it and it was better. With the whole month, I can buy most everything on the first trip (keep in mind I have a small deep freezer in the garage). This keeps me from going to the store more than I have to and I look at the plan in the morning and night. If it is a crock recipe, I can get everything out for the next day. Keeps me from "cheating" and say ordering last minute pizza. Anyway, back to the curry. I put it down for 1 day a month so everyone doesn't get tired of it. Let me know if you are interested in the month worth of recipes. I can send a pic.

    1. We have the curry seasonings too. My kids are not a big fan of it though. We are trying to get better at planning to where I can do over 2 weeks at once. Great tips! I would love to see a pic of your planning.