Monday, November 27, 2017

Puss on Boots

Today's post will be short and sweet. While visiting my in-laws recently, I had worn a pair of boots. Upon entering the house, I had kicked them off near the front door. Mistake on my part. Especially when I know that their oldest cat has a thing for shoes. This cat, Oliver, is the brunt of many jokes. He's very old. Very ornery. To the point that we tease my husband as Oliver tends to like to be around my husband even though Andrew is very anti-cat. Oliver will come close to him and attempt to get Andrew to do something to him. That is when someone makes the comment, "He needs to fill up on hate from you Andrew. Gotta get his fix." The cat really does seem to live on hate. He likes to be abused. Now, let me clarify. No one really abuses that cat! But he likes to be nudged by feet. Like a soft kick in the side when he lays down before you. He also likes to be rubbed on the belly by feet wearing shoes. To me, this is bizarre. And then there are times when he likes to get in your way and trips you... Anyhow. He's old, evil, and crazy. And while there, I snapped this picture. Who needs Puss in Boots? We have Puss on Boots. 
So, here is where I get you involved. I want everyone to send a picture and short story about something their pet(s) did (or kids if you are like me) that you find adorable or weird. Or downright crazy. You can send it to me via I will create another post with them (or the best 3, depending on how many I get). If you don't have that, leave me a comment about the best you have seen elsewhere!

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