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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Freeloader Child Carrier Review and Discount

Through my association with US Family Guide, I have been chosen to review a very cool product called the Freeloader.
When I first heard the name, I was curious as to what item could possibly be associated with such a name. After seeing the product, I can see why the name is so fitting.
We have a carrier for infants. But that only lasts so long. If you are anything like us, you might have a toddler who gets worn out quicker than everyone else. Their little legs can't manage the adventures like us bigger folks. That is where the Freeloader comes in handy. It is built to provide comfortable transportation of a toddler without straining your own back. 
Families need to be able to get out and explore. Have some adventures together! This carrier allows you to continue to do that, despite the limitations of the little ones. 
What do I like most of all about this carrier? 
  • The frame is lightweight, but sturdy. When you are carrying a child, the last thing you need is for the carrier to be heavy. However, you also don't want it to be flimsy and fall apart easily. Especially if you are using it to travel with. 
  • The straps and back are well-padded as well as adjustable. Ever have a backpack full of something and it pulled on your shoulders, biting in? This thing won't give you such problems! It has strong padding on the straps as well as on the back where your kiddo goes. 
  • Pockets on either side are capable of carrying your phone, keys, money, etc. Whether you are hiking or going into a long line, you want to have your hands as free as possible. So keep those little things tucked away. 
  • There is a little seat for the kiddo to sit upon. You want you child to be comfortable as well. So instead of just strapping them into a harness, this gives them something to actually rest on. They aren't just hanging around. 
They include a guide on all you need to know about your Freeloader. About the design, how to single-handedly load your kid in it, how to make adjustments, how to care for it and what can come off for cleaning. The cover and seat cover are both removable. 
I can see more than the potential of long hikes or traveling benefits with the Freeloader. My husband and I are beginning to prep for emergencies. After all, there have been some pretty bad hurricanes out there recently. But emergencies come in more than one form. Weather disasters, wars, government collapse. Those are just a few reasons why someone might have to venture away from home and start trekking on foot one day. If that were to happen, you wouldn't want to have whiny toddlers who "can't take another step". Or can't keep pace. The Freeloader would be a huge help in transporting the child as well as giving you the ease to go long distance. 
Or what about runs? Marathons? This would make something like that possible even with a kid in tow. 
See how to get it on and the kid loaded when you are alone. 

And this video shows it in use and how the two of them reacted to it. 

I'm feeling great about this product and would love to hear what you have to say about it. Do you think you would use it? And if so, in what way? You can also get 10% off while taking the whole family on your adventures. Just check out the deal here


  1. It is good as long as the child doesn't weigh too much. But in Texas Hill country, it is perfect for climbing those hills. I like it.

    1. Very true. Wouldn't be good for hours on end. You would need a break.