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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

We are down to the wire now!

We are now less than 2 weeks away from the wedding day! Only 10 days to be exact. This past weekend, we went to visit my in laws. While there, I tried on my dress for the last time.
My fiancés grandmother has done a marvelous job with it! I also bought shoes to wear.
We picked up my fiancés suit. He is truly ready to deck out like Captain Picard now.
My mother-in-law made this sign for the minister to hold up after our ceremony.
This is what happens when two nerds are joined.
We discussed hair strategy.
I know what I wish my hair looked like, but I also know how stubborn my hair can be. So we are prepared. I’m going to be practicing this week to get the curls in the right order.
I am also doing this to save time on the big day. I still have favors to lay out, changing time, and last minute details to see to. This is what happens when you are on a budget. But I prefer it this way. I’m not like other brides. I don’t have the bridezilla mode. I don’t freak out over every little detail. I go with the flow and make adjustments as needed. I don’t want those assisting me to get overwhelmed or feel ready to walk away. I don’t want my guests to feel like everything is timed and choreographed throughout the day. My day, is your day. Our day to have fun and celebrate. I think too often, couples forget what is really important. Pictures are there to remind us of the details. But the moments themselves will be in our memories through the ages. A lavish ceremony followed by a grand reception? You can spend all the money in the world on those things, but what comes later? Or be smart about it. Have something simpler and follow it with the fun times you spend with the ones you love, making memories. This is our goal. We have all our lives to live after this one day. Even if we had more to spend, we wouldn’t. We are putting towards what happens next.


  1. Is that stripless dress with a long jacket? Its hard to see from that picture but it looks beautiful!! Cant wait to see it!

    1. No. It has long sheer sleeves attached to it.

  2. Did Andrew shave his head? The Capitan has no hair.

    1. LOL no. He's afraid it won't grow back if he does.