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Friday, April 28, 2017

Prosper and live long, you must!

See what I did there? If you didn't, that's okay. Not everyone speaks geek. 

Star Wars Day is on May 4th. Its May the Fourth (be with you), actually. My family had a little help from my dear friend Mary in preparing for this day! She brought over some Lego Star Wars Yoda ear hats. During a moment of bonding with my future nerdlings, we decided to take pictures and be our silly selves together. I also determined it was time for a new couple selfie with my fiance.
While doing so, I noticed that he was wearing his Star Trek shirt (one of them). While I'm wearing my Star Wars shirt (my only one). So when he went to take my picture with the kids, I went ahead and did the Vulcan hand sign we know so well from our beloved Spock. All the while, telling my Trekkie husband-to-be, "Prosper and live long, you must!"
His smile, combined with the laughter of my children, made my afternoon perfect.

Moments like these erase all the worry and fears of life. They are the mountain tops in the path of my life's walk. Tomorrow, I might find myself in a valley once again. And I will look back at this brief glimpse of beauty that will drive me to push harder towards the next wonderful memory. 
Chin up, Moms! This is what true happiness looks like. 
Happy Star Wars Day!


  1. So true. We have to keep the little things the main focus in our lives. One day (and all to soon) the memories is all we have left. If you think of everything we stress about day in and day out, one day we may be feeble and all we look forward to is having a simple life. With that all the stuff we stress about now will become nothing. So why stress so much about nothing now? Make memories and rely on them in the days we need them the most.

    1. That is very true. In our counseling, we have discussed living in worry and fear or living in the trust that God has our backs. That helps to remind us to enjoy life and let God take over the stress.

  2. Amen and Amen to your statements!!