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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Millennium Falcon 3D Deco Light review

Christmas has past, but a whole new year is here with birthdays, graduations, and baby showers or wedding showers. There are so many reasons you might have to buy gifts. OR you might be in the market to buy a house, move to a new place. Whatever the reason, I have a review I think everyone can benefit from in some way.
Having a partnership with US Family Guide, I was given the chance to review a night light from 3DLightFX. This one is a Millennium Falcon 3D Deco Light.
These lights are amazing. Easy to install, very detailed, they come with a wall decal that adds to the effect. Even while in use, they are cool to the touch. I do like that they are battery operated, so I don't have to deal with cords. Though that means I will have to change them every so often.
They also have a timer. I love this function. I've used it on the Death Star that we bought recently.

They have many varieties. My Little Pony, Avengers, Star Wars, etc. Whatever you or your family and friends are into. And they make great décor with the light is off.  
They do sell them at Target stores and Target.com as well as other stores. You can get more of the decals from their website. I only wish they had something included to smooth the sticker during application to the wall. That part can be a little troublesome.
I love having these around the room. It shows off my Star Wars love while providing a really cool decoration to the walls that are also useful in the dark.
Which ones would you consider getting?

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