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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Master Caster review

Shoplet.com is again hosting a great review. This time it is for Master Caster self adhesive wheels and the microfiber gloves they sent my way.
I don't know about you, but I've been having fun cleaning and preparing for family get-togethers. And let me tell you... its been quite the trial. Moving furniture is never something I do randomly. Most of the furniture I have is heavy. Mast Caster Instant Swivel Wheels alleviate me having to move or lift those objects completely on my own strength.
Simply attach the wheels with the self adhesive strips that stick very well. And your furniture glides across the floor. My table now slides back and forth across the carpet with a push or slight tug. I can make room for more at the dinner table without struggling and fighting the table to move. Or worrying about it pulling the carpet out of sorts. I love how easy they were to apply. They also swivel as needed. And they can hold up to 250 pounds! They come in 4 packs and require no tools to attach. These are $21.41 for a 4 pack of wheels.

The Master Caster CleanGreen Microfiber cleaning and dusting gloves are great for dusting. My fiancé and daughter both have allergies and he has asthma. I try to keep a clean house and as little dust around as possible to help their breathing be better. Besides, its definitely healthier for all of us. These gloves make it as easy as just swiping my hand across the surface. Then I can shake them off and wash them out as needed. Even better is a two-handed job that cuts my cleaning time. Granted, that's only if I don't have to lift things with one hand... The microfibers attract dust like magnets. They are $7.40 a pair.

Don't forget to check out Shoplet and see the other great office supplies they have to offer. They have office furniture, medical supplies and cleaning supplies as well. They are a great source for all your home and business office needs!