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Monday, March 21, 2016

Columbia restaurant review

Aesthetics were inviting. But that's the deceiving part. They draw you in with friendly staff that delivers a highly professional attitude. As you gaze at the beautiful layout and designs, you take in a clean atmosphere that fools you into feeling comfortable. They play classic Spanish or Columbian music that isn't overwhelming. 

We were seated promptly right off the street. The waiter prepped our 4 seat table for 3. We all ordered water. When he brought our glasses back, 2 of the 3 water glasses had to be sent back. Some of the silverware had a film or other contaminates on them. Thankfully, we decided to order sandwiches. Instead we should've just left. The prices in the menu make you think you're getting a higher quality. But that's just another deception on their part. The best part of being there was the bread.
Before serving your meal, they bring you fresh bread and butter. The bread is flaky on the outside with a warm and soft inside that was oh so tasty. It's the perfect way to start, particularly when you're famished from the heat waves outdoors. And especially when you have to wait something over 15 minutes for your SANDWICH. I mean honestly... I can make a gourmet sandwich in less than 2 minutes. They didn't have to cook anything. And they weren't that busy. Was there only one cook? That's the only thing I can think of. And if that's the case, what idiots! It's spring break vacation and late lunch time. On one of the most popular tour sites no less. We were down St. George Street. 
Other things to take notice of, most of their dishes are seafood. Everything was very pricey. Our sandwiches were in the $10-15 range. 

The sandwiches were good. Nothing spectacular. I liked the plantain chips they served with them. A healthier and unique side dish that keeps the meal light. 
The waiter had to be flagged down when we needed something. He gave us someone else's check as well. My sisters trick of draining your glass to get service didn't even work there. 
I found their website. 
I find it interesting that they require you to be classy enough to not wear sleeveless when you're a guy. In this heat, it could be appreciated by other patrons. 
I'm still disappointed. I don't feel that this is a place I'd want to refer loved ones to. Nor will I feel inclined to return to it. With so many options on George, no one needs to suffer through the same disappointment twice.


  1. Thank you for such an honest review. I don't think that is one we will visit. I have to say there are many good ones around and off the beaten path in downtown St. Augustine.

  2. I went there twice and still dont like that restaurant at all! worse restaurant on that st. street st.

  3. there are a few restaurants i like in downtown and updown st augustine you might like them. when you come back i can tell you about it. there will be new restaurants coming up soon. they are going to remodel old saint Marita restaurant. cant wait to try it someday.