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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Iced Cupcake store review

I recently went out of town to visit a friend. We went to Katy, Texas. While there, we passed by a cute little cupcake shop that I suddenly had the urge to stop in. Granted, I didn't want to just spring my sudden desire for a rich cupcake on the two guys I was hanging out with, so I was thrilled when one of them said something about the shop instead. Yay! Of course I offered to buy everyone a cupcake if they would agree to walk across the parking lot with me and get them. Who is crazy enough to turn down a free cupcake?? Inside did seem a little dark, I'll admit. But it was a nice, clean shop with friendly staff who were very patient with my little group or undecided cupcake buyers. Prices may be considered a little high for someone who is used to making their own, but after tasting one... I can live with $3.00 a cupcake. Of course that's only applied if you buy 6 or more. And since I wanted at least two flavors (let's be real, I wanted to try almost all of them), I decided to give each of us 2. If you buy 1-5 cupcakes, they are $3.25 each. They also have sugar cookies and can do custom cakes. The presentation of each one was appealing, the taste... superb! So moist and rich in flavor. I got the Sassy Strawberry and Triple Chocolate ones. Probably shouldn't have eaten both in one sitting, but I just couldn't help myself. 
So if you are ever passing through Katy, I suggest you take a few minutes to stop by and show some love to The Iced Cupcake. I tried to check out their website, but its getting a face lift at the moment. Instead, check out their Facebook page. And where was this cupcake beauty when I was at the shop?!? 


  1. They looks good. Glad you found a spot t try.

  2. Here we have so many little places tucked here and there. Would be fun to try to find 1 a week for a year.

    1. You should and let me know about them. If you want to do a guest post, those would be great ones!