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Monday, June 22, 2015

This has been a fun summer so far

While stores are getting ready for back to school sales, I'm still finishing up the summer activities with my kiddos. The Lego store started giving away the second Lego Star Wars poster in the once-a-month promotion they run. Now until the 28th I believe, buy ANY Star Wars merchandise and you get the newest poster. 
Next one comes around July 20-26. 
Any I do mean ANY Star Wars purchase. I bought a small keychain for $5 to get mine. Plus Carlos hooked me up with a Ninjago dual-sided poster. 
After the Lego store we went to Barnes and Noble to turn in our book list and get our free books. The kids picked out some cool ones. I wish I could've gotten one...
Sadly it's one per child, per summer. They do have a great variety of books though. So get reading! And enjoy the last bit of summer. 

1 comment:

  1. Those are fun summer deals! I love the kids faces. Treasures are nice