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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Schneider pen review via Shoplet.com

Shoplet.com sent out some wonderful Schneider pens for me to review.
These Schneider pens come from a company called Stride, Inc. Stride, Inc. is a small, family owned business that is owned and operated by women. They are  an integrated workplace with 50% of their colleagues being adults with intellectual and developmental delays. These colleagues package and ship the products and when possible, hand assemble the Schneider line for distribution in the United States. They included stories with my products about how Stride, Inc. got started and how one successful employee bettered his life. They seek to help their disabled employees make "Strides" toward being independent and successful members of society. These people are able to be integrated into a more normal life without being considered a burden. Stride formed a relationship with Schneider in Germany to be the exclusive agent in the United States. They seek to be as "green" as possible to leave the "campsite better than you found it". I'm definitely loving these pens. I believe every professional should have a set of cheap pens that don't matter when they walk away. But you also need a set of nice pens that never leave your sight while leaving an impression on anyone who borrows it. Better even if that pen has an amazing story that leaves other in awe of what you support. Now to tell you about each pen. 

The Schneider Xpress .8 mm Porous Point Pen Black is a soft feeling pen that grips well in your hand.
The ink flows smoothly like velvet on the paper. It's made for documents that require a comfortable but professional look.

The ink is still smooth and effortlessly applied. It has a great grip too.

The Slider Memo XB 1.4 mm Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen 4 pack colors feels the same as the Basic XB but comes in colored inks. It has a full body grip that keeps your hand comfortable.
I'd use the red one for making notations or grading papers. The other colors are purple, green, orange and pink. Those are great for notating and fun notes. This uses the same ball point Viscoglide Technology as the Slider Edge. 

The Slider Rave 1.4 mm Viscoglide Retractable Ballpoint Pen black is another ball point pen.
It has a sleek housing that offers better grip than the Basic, but writes the same. 

Lastly, I have the Slider Edge 1.4 mm Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen Black.
This one is triangle-shaped as part of the Viscoglide Technology. It allows for better fitting in your fingers and a full bodied grip to make writing comfortable. This pen is made completely without adding to the carbon footprint

Schneider is the first pen manufacturer in the world to be EMAS certified. They seek to do more to protect the world and resources. 
Want to get some pens for yourself? Or other office supplies? Check out Shoplet.com and see everything they have to offer. They also have medical supplies, office stationary, and promotional products to get your business name out there! 


  1. I like the color pens write the best in my opinion. looking to get some if they come in black or blue. These are a must have!!

  2. You are gonna to have a tons of free pens! Lol! Those are nice one!

    1. I usually give some away. I try to get too many saved up.