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Friday, June 19, 2015

Gotham's vigilante comes in cake form

A friend posed a challenge to me. He knew I loved baking and that I did it quite well. So he sent me a picture of a cake with the Batman silhouette and a skyline silhouette along the sides.
He needed it for his brothers bachelor party. Of course I agreed to take his challenge. How could I not?! It's Batman, chocolate and cake all in one. First of all, it took more money and time than I anticipated. Fondant comes in a box for $10 a pop. Seriously?? And its like a brick that takes a muscled arm to get flat. I work out. I work hard. And yet, I wanted to cry. It took two days with interruptions to get everything done. And there were several bumps along the way. 
First I went searching for the images I'd need to use as stencils. 
Batman was hard to find. Everyone had protected images... Then the skyline... 
I had to re-size the images to make them cake ready. I did this two nights before needing the cake ready because I'd had practice before and knew what a pain it would be.
It takes a lot of time to get so much detail done right. 

Then came making the chocolate cake. That is usually easy. Find your favorite recipe and make it as you normally would.
My problem? The cake didn't want to exit the cake pan. Even though I sprayed it with non-stick cooking spray HEAVILY. What do my cakes do? Crumble out of the pans in pieces. 
So start over I did. Made two more round cakes. 
Finally I had two rounds to work with. I found a tip on putting fondant on cakes that said if you lightly frost the cakes, the fondant would hold better. So that's what I did. Plus it adds flavor and sweetness to a bland fondant cover. First comes the black cover. Then the white shapes over it. I also added decorating gel to the backs to hold the cutouts in place. I found that heat makes the fondant melt slightly so that it sticks better. Granted I discovered this by leaving a cake like this in a hot car while watching a movie. But still... 
It was an experience I won't soon forget. And I'm not in a rush to try again. I hope the guys enjoy it. My hands and arms are paying for it this morning. 
As a bonus, I salvaged some of the cake that I plan to enjoy later. 


  1. You make a home fondant - much cheaper! It's kinda expensive to buy them at the store

    1. I thought about it but its extra time consuming and I didn't want to use more time.

  2. That is so supper cool!!! I wish I was talented like that. Good job!

    1. I'd love to try more cakes like this. Its just very time consuming.

  3. I bake on the side and one thing a lot of people do not understand is how time consuming it is to make cakes - especially if you're just one person. For fondant cakes, it takes me three days or more, depending on the amount of details/decorations they want on it.

    This same cake was requested of me not too long ago. I think you did a great job with yours. Lets hope mine turns out just as nice.

    1. It is extremely time consuming! I rarely accept a job to help someone with a special cake. And I really don't like fondant.
      How did yours turn out?