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Monday, April 6, 2015

Japan Crate subscription box review

Two things I have a passion for; all things Japanese and satisfying my sweet tooth. How better to accommodate both than with a subscription to Japan Crate?!
It is a monthly subscription box that will send you a smorgasbord of Japanese imported candies and treats to entice your taste buds as well as indulge your curiosity. I can barely contain my excitement and have been sad to see the goodies dwindling. I had a really difficult time picking what to try first.

First my kids and I dove into the Fujiya Milky Candy.
Its a semi hard candy, sorta like taffy. You have to suck on it before you begin chewing.

But it does have a milky flavor to it which is similar to sweetened condensed milk.

Then I split the Fujita Country Ma'am Vanilla.
It's a light cookie with a jelly filling and chocolate chips.

There was a parasol candy that was chocolate.

The top half tasted of strawberry. That was definitely a favorite! It's called Chocolate Umbrella.

They come in either milk or strawberry flavor.

Giant Caplico Panda is a non-frozen ice cream cone!

There's a wafer biscuit cone stuffed with chocolate cream and then topped with a layer of whipped cookies and cream foam.
The whipped chocolate and airy cream is light on your tongue!
Goes great with the wafer cone.

Look a la mode Chocolates is a pack of chocolate with 4 flavors; banana, almond, strawberry, and caramel.
The filling flavors are rich are and strong within the chocolate. Strawberry was definitely my favorite.

Fits Nightlife peach flavored gum was pretty good.

I like how they have the magnetic strips to keep the flap locked when closed.
I also love peach flavoring. So win-win. Just wish the flavor lasted longer.

My bonus item was a chocolate Super Mario Pop.

Who doesn't love Mario in detailed chocolate form?

I think the Kabaya Panda Cookie DIY kit was my favorite part of this box.

They were so much fun to make and tasty.

I saved the mold from this to make chocolate pandas with baking chocolate. Then I can embellish other things I make, like my brownies and cupcakes. You could even make them look like Mickey Mouse as that's what some people confuse them for. 

C. C. Lemon drink is like a refreshing,   light lemon soda. It's slightly carbonated. It's supposed to have 35 lemons worth of vitamin C without the super sour taste.

Glico Maccha Collon candy was like wafers with a sugary center.

Each item has a label in English that gives basic information. Nutrition and ingredients as well as where it's distributed from. There's also a list that tells you the name and a short description of each item included. Things that need instructions, don't have English versions. Personally, I like to figure it out with the pictures. It's just more fun to experiment!
This one I didn't try... Only because I read the description and saw squid on the list. 
This has been my favorite subscription box yet! Having a sweet tooth and loving all things with Japanese culture have made this an awesome experience!


  1. Looks like a fun box to get. Nothing like going to Japan without leaving the country.

    1. This is something I love. And hope to get again one day.

  2. I was so blushed that you told me that it was panda bear, not Mickey Mouse LOL!!! That's alot of candies! Do you like them all?

    1. Its alright! They look like either one. I liked a lot of them. I wish I could afford to order more boxes from them soon. lol

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