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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring cleaning? Not my favorite chore....

Its that time of year when cleaning out the clutter is necessary. We were preparing for a move but it seems that wasn't happening just yet. As I packed, I came across things that we never use, don't need anymore, or just don't want. I took a bag filled with old movies to Hastings first. While they didn't take everything, it cleared out a chunk of space and gave me a hefty bit of store credit so I can get the things I actually want. Those movies were ones that we had but either never watched or didn't even know why we had them. I also have some books that I tried cashing in, but was told I'd get .75 for each. While browsing posts by the Krazy Coupon Lady, I came across one she had for de-cluttering the home. She had a link for a website you can sell your books on and see how much you'd get for each one. Sadly, I'd get the same price as if I sold them at Hastings or Half Price Books. I'm thinking I'll list them on Listia or eBay instead.
Listia is a credit-based trading site. No money is exchanged for the items themselves, though you can have buyers pay the shipping. You instead get credits that can only be used on the website to "bid and buy". It's auction styled like eBay.

As for clothing, I have a large amount of boys and girls clothing that my kids have outgrown. I've just been tossing them into bags and piling them up. I tried Craigslist. Didn't get any hits off that. I tried posting to a local swap page on Facebook without much luck either. My last resort will be ThredUp. You just order a prepaid postage bag and when you get it, stuff it with clothes to send back. You can look up what types or brands are accepted. Whatever they don't buy, they will donate to a local charity.

I have to do some other organizing around here. Since my husbands Lego hobby is taking over more and more of the small apartment we currently share, I'm packing away my own stuff to make room and see how much I have so I'll know what kind of truck to rent when I move the kids and I out next year. I found some cool tips to help make extra space from the Krazy Coupon Lady. Here's a post on getting organized.

So here's to making room and maybe making money to boot! Let's get rid of the clutter and make more space for the things we enjoy. 


  1. What a great reminder of a way to clean our spaces and make a little money.