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Monday, February 2, 2015

Exhaustion to the max!

As a mom, being tired is nothing new to me. I'm used to waking up several times a night because someone had a bad dream or isn't feeling good. It still doesn't make me immune to exhaustion. I've been running on less than 4 hours of sleep. My husband got this picture as I fell asleep sitting up.
 Plus there's been work (getting ready to walk into a shift today too) and the Super Bowl party. After work the day before yesterday I came home, showered, and got dressed. I decided to nap a couple hours. My husband came in to make sure I woke up on time before my alarm even rang. I think I was going for a Princess Anna look.... 
Because this was what I saw in the mirror.... 
Of course, like any southern lady, just five minutes of mirror time and I was party ready. 
Yesterday after work, I came home to clean the kitchen. I guess even my dense husband could tell I was at my limit as he told me to go to bed for the rest of the day. So after a shower.... I slept the rest of the day. Finally woke up at 1 AM this morning. I suppose that this is normal for people my age. We should be able to handle sleepless nights and long days. A perk of our youth. I for one, however, don't want to get into this habit. It's a pain in the head and back! And it takes away from the enjoyment of life. I could barely listen to what my kids were sayingor didn't even have the desire to talk to a close friend of mine. Now that the sleep monster is satisfied, I feel a bit guilty. So tonight, even though I work in the morning, I'm taking the kids to the mall for the free Lego build! Check your local Lego store for their event starting at 5PM. Better get there about an hour early as the line gets long and the supplies can be as limited as 250 people only. This month, it's a space shuttle! 
Enjoy your day and get your sleep! 


  1. I feel like that all day. I need a nap. As soon as the kids all grow up and move out, I'll take one...but maybe then I'll have more energy to. Ah life. It's a catch 22.

    1. Exactly! I took a 3 1/2 hour nap this afternoon but still felt tired. I had a 6 day work week, plus all the life stuff of home to deal with. Crazy!