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Friday, May 23, 2014

Day two of my vacation...

There's a reason why I can't share my bed with my daughter. Only 1 1/2 years old and she makes a queen size feel as small as a day bed! To get her to calm down and sleep, I laid her next to me and told her good night. Before I could finish my nightly check routine on my phone, she'd pushed me to the edge and was snoring like her dad usually does. Such a boss...
After getting her into her own bed though, I got to curl up in the middle of this big bed and sleep like a rock! Haven't woken up this late (7:30) or refreshed in quite some time. Vacations are amazing, especially the stay-cation kind. I'm not out spending money I don't have, I'm not going insane chasing my kids in parks... Though I am going crazy trying to juggle the activities of the day. We managed to get some schooling in this time. Then I attempted to organize everything for the yard sale I'm supposed to have tomorrow. I let the kids run around in the front until I got tired of trying to sort and yell at them for running too close to the street. Back inside we went when my daughter spilled her bubble wand and went to playing in the soapy mess. 
Since it was getting to be her nap time, I thought I'd lay on the couch and try to hold her until she fell asleep.
Mistake... I dozed off for a few minutes and all three kids ran to play upstairs. So glad they didn't get into trouble. 
Back to work I went. I posted an ad for the yard sale, posted a deal or two on the blog, sorted Legos for my husband upstairs, and what do you know? My daughter decided to crash on the couch after all. Score! Then the AC repair man showed up and told me how the previous tenants never used a filter and there was a build up causing issues. No wonder I feel like I'm in a sauna! After he leaves, I start making dinner for my rascals.
Each one wants something else. Then I made muffins for tomorrow's breakfast. I want to be prepared as I'm already planning to get the yard sale started around 7:30ish. 
And it's not even 8pm so I have to find more ways to entertain the little monsters. Until bedtime at least... 
Update since I typed the above... It's now 10pm and the boys are sleeping soundly. My daughter has my iPad and is still very awake. I made signs for my yard sale. 
I even managed to start typing up my latest review. We went to Target where I bought things using coupons and sales and came home feeling like a boss. But that's on another post... Why can't they all sleep when you, the parent, are ready for bed? Where is the Off switch?! Baths don't always work. Not fast enough at least. Here's to another successful day. And hopes for a better one tomorrow.