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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I've got a garden!

Albeit a pathetic one... But at least I can grow something. I started with gladiola and sunflower seeds. My thumb is by no means "green". Figuratively or literally, I follow my mother when it comes to growing genes. Unless it requires minimum effort to grow, chances are it will die. I even killed a bamboo plant that said, "Just water and it will last forever." Yeah... No. 
At our new place I attempted to clear out space in a corner to plant flowers. We have a 10x10 back yard with a privacy fence. I learned quickly that the ground here is full of rocks. So I bought planting soil and pots to make a garden with my kids.
Ever since seeing an episode of Curious George having a garden of veggies, they have begged me to start growing things. I used to grow gladiola flowers with my mom. They are bulbs and so sturdy that we managed to keep them thriving rather than watch them wither away and die under our care. Here, however, they refuse to even sprout. Nothing. Nada. 
Im pretty bummed about it. But on the other hand, my boys picked sunflowers. Those are growing wonderfully! 
I'm so excited! We have watered them on days it didn't rain. 
The newest attempt in this pot has one sun flower that the boys accidentally pulled up and I replanted. It's thriving despite the interruption, which leads me to believe these are going to be hearty flowers indeed. I added bell pepper seeds. I love bell peppers and buy them every trip to the store, to cook with. Growing them at home would mean healthier pepper and saving some green. So far I haven't gotten a sprout but I'm not giving up hope either. 
What tips or ideas do you have about planting? 

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