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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another Shoplet review!

Shoplet.com is again hosting a review. This time for Sanford Sharpie products. I received a Sharpie Pen, Sharpie Neon markers, and Sharpie Metallic markers. I also received the sun glasses and black paper, that I'll show you why later... 
The Premium Pen is stainless steel, has a fine tip and doesn't bleed!
This last point alone makes it a great addition to my collection of writing utensils. Being a writer means looking for a pen that is reliable, sharp, and doesn't bleed through your papers. It doesn't create a messy look, but rather a clean and open view. I love the smooth feeling of the stainless steel casing between my fingers. It also had a wonderful, soft grip before the tip that makes grasping it easier. 
This is going to be a pen I won't want to share with anyone... wouldn't want it to sprout legs and run away from me. Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers make great tools for eye-catching projects.
They are fluorescent under black lights and have fine tips. You might need some sunglasses though to view your work afterwards as they are bright! It provides a vibrant contrast to plain white posters/paper. Though the yellow is harder to see. As an example, I decorated some glasses. The last product I have to review are the Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers.
These work better on dark surfaces so you can see their sheen clearly. They also have the fine tips for precision writing. They give it more of a classic look.
I appreciate having fine tips on all of these. They keep whatever you write looking neat and clean. When you have bad handwriting as I do, you need all the help you can get. They are comfortable to use. It adds variety to what you can do with just a writing utensil. Be creative! I can't think of many uses for the Neon markers as I'm not writing much in bright, eye catching settings. My words are typically meant to be explanatory instead of flashy. I almost always buy Sharpie markers for my needs as they never disappoint me though.
All of these products are available for purchase via Shoplet.com. They have just about any office supplies you might need for your home or company office. They even offer Promotional Products to help you get your business noticed. Check out the Promotional Shirts.
And something new to look into is the United Kingdom part of their website that has Office Stationary and other items. What do you write most? Do you still write letters or has the world of technology taken over with emails?


  1. Wow! I like these. I'm gonna go look them up. Thanks for the review. It showed us what the product does. I like seeing before I buy.

  2. I had neon markers before for Emma's pre-school...agree with you about the yellow it's more like highlights. I love the silver and gold markers I always use them for Christmas cards.

    1. I love the silver and gold best too. Makes me want to be creative.