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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lysol® Power & Free™ spray and wipes review

I'm a BzzAgent, in case you didn't know. They allow people who love to try new things and talk about them, test out products or services in exchange for sharing the knowledge with anyone and everyone! The latest product I was given to try was the new Lysol Power and Free spray and wipes cleaners.

I love Lysol. I don't know when the first time was that I came in contact with it... but I know I'm a consumer for life. I also love bleach. Bleach kills and destroys ANY germ in my opinion. Did you know bleach can actually "tamper" traces of some evidence. (Don't get any ideas.) But the smell of bleach is dangerous. You need to have it diluted OR have the windows and doors open to clean with it. Now, Lysol does have a cleaner with bleach. And I have that... but my husband and kids complain about the smell. (Whereas, I'm basking in the fresh scent of CLEAN!) So, I was pretty excited when I heard about this one. I really do love the scent. Its light and refreshing. And it has Hydrogen Peroxide. Ever get a cut or scrape and have your parents clean it with hydrogen peroxide? Watching those millions of bubbles get to work pushing out the contaminants in the wound to prevent infections was my favorite! I know... I'm a weirdo. But this is the same idea. Spray your surface, it bubbles up, wipe it off. Voila! Clean surface.
No need for cleaning gear: masks, gloves, eye wear. There will be no tears. Your fingers won't get raw and chapped - or bleed. And breathing this in won't have you gasping for oxygen. And best of all - it carries the well known Lysol promise of killing 99.9% of germs.
And for the wipes, they are soft but strong still. I wiped up a very messy stovetop with only one wipe. (And my husband in the background telling me how much he prefers the smell to my normal bleach routine.) Overall, I see a great product that I look forward to using around my family.
Here's to healthier living! And happier if you are like my boys and husband who don't like the side effects of bleach 8-P.


  1. You are right about Lysol products. I like them as well. I have children and it is good to keep things clean. I think I will have to get some of the wipes and try them. Thanks.

    1. A clean home is a happy home, right? Let me know when you try them and how you liked them!