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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Avery product reviews via Shoplet.com

Shoplet.com recently sent me some Avery office products to try and write a review about.
First up, is the Flexi-View Presentation Binder. I love the title page pocket in the cover that allows me to put a page or picture in the front. That way I know what the binder contains. There is also a sleeve in the back cover to hold a few extra pages. So if you were using this for a presentation, you could put a title page in the front, your presentation inside, and pages to hand out in the back. There are even slots in the back sleeve to hold your business card so your binder can be recognized as yours. Its also a flexible binder. Rigid binders can have a tendency of bending/breaking in the middle if something heavy gets placed on top. With a flexible binder, however, no worries of that happening. It makes it a little more compact too for carrying on the go. Personally, I think this binder is great for keeping recipes in. Wipe off the cover if it gets messy, separate the types of recipes... Sounds like a winners plan to me!
In addition to the binder, were Ready Index Durable Table of Contents Dividers. I'm all about being organized, and these definitely keep me organized. They are "3 ways stronger": stronger, heavier paper, stronger tab reinforcement, and double-sided hole reinforcement. The more durable the paper - the less likely it will be to weaken and rip during use. The tabs are reinforced to keep them from falling off over time and through wear. And my favorite? Double-sided hole reinforments on the tabbed dividers. Why? How many times have my pages fallen out over time because the holes got ripped?? Its a pet peeve of mine. So I love having them reinforced. These have 8 tabs per pack. Dividers are also made of 30% post-consumer recycled paper. Let's remember to recycle and reuse right? One more benefit to these; they can be used in portrait or landscape orientation. For those who don't understand geek speak - straight up and down, or laying on the side. You can create the table of contents at: avery.com/library.
My next favorite product in the group would have to be the Printable Tags with Strings. There are 96 tags on 12 sheets with 100 strings. Oh the possibilities... For small businesses, you could print price tags to label your merchandise with. You can get the free templates and designs to help you prepare your tags at avery.com that do not require software downloads. They have templates that match the product number. These tags print to the edge creating a premium professional look. These are perforated keeping them professional and easy to separate. They are also double-sided cardstock to optimize the richness in colors. The tags come with quick-latch fasteners that make it easy to assemble them.
They can come quite handy. You can tag gifts, label products you are selling, or as I did - make labels for traveling. In case my luggage gets misplaced or lost, there is a name and number to contact.
And I can edit each individual tag for various people instead of all of them being the exact same.
Next up are Print-to-the-Edge Round Labels. They come on 10 Glossy White pages that carry 120 labels. Each one is 2" in diameter. Again, templates are available through the Avery website.
I also love the fact that Avery is an Official Box Tops for Education Brand. They have box tops on their products that you can use to support your school. And the packaging is recyclable on these!
I used these to make stickers to promote my blog. Absolutely LOVE how they came out!
And finally we come to the Tri-Fold Brochure with tear-away cards. My husband and I used these to create coupons for those who had ordered several times from his online Lego selling hobby/business.
It was fast and easy (well, minus the time we debated on what to say and how to present them). The template on the Avery website made everything so simple.
I hope you enjoyed this review and got some ideas of your own on things you might have a use for from these wonderful Avery products. Remember to check out Shoplet.com and see what else they have to offer for your small business, home organization, or office needs! Leave me a comment on what you think.

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  1. This is a great product. We homeschool and labeling can be essential. Thanks for showing it to us.