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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Illegal Immigration in the United States - where did we go wrong?

I'm fed up. I'm tired of people putting their hands out because they feel entitled to the better life or because they just don't want to do their share. America was once the greatest nation in the world. We were refugees seeking freedom  to believe what we felt deep down was true. We wanted to bear arms without someone accusing us of being "dangerous" or some other nonsense. Once we travelled the seas and made it to the New Land, we were cautious with who was let in. Before 1890 each state was responsible for regulating their own immigration issues. Then we had a huge influx of immigrants coming from mostly European nations. The Federal government stepped in to help by building Ellis Island to screen those coming in seeking hope, happiness, and a better life. Everyone was put under a health screening and if necessary was quarantined for so many days before given the approval to step onto American soil. They were also questioned and had to be cleared on a legal basis to ensure that our government would not later have to take them on as wards in any way. Those who passed had to work from the lowest part of the totem pole and share a home with those who were from their homeland until they could make it on their own. They didn't get hand outs. They WORKED HARD. They were happy to do it because to them, it was way better than being back in their home country suffering in poverty or disease or hunger. Or perhaps just from an oppressive government running their everyday lives. To them, life in America was hard but it was worth it. They were grateful.
They became Americans. None of this African-American, Asian-American, Chinese-American crap. You want to live in America and reap the benefits of this nation? Drop the homeland title. Become an American. Not all black people come from Africa you know? What about the blacks from Haiti? The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago (which are still under British rule), and even south America. They can't be referred to ask "African-American". That might be an insult to them. However, American society has deemed "black" or "negro" as offensive. So why not just call them Americans?
Since when should an illegal alien come to America and live the American dream while American-born citizens pay for it? Why should I pay for them to have handouts or free medical benefits while my family lives paycheck to paycheck, can't afford to see a doctor, and isn't always certain how we will make it tomorrow? I'm all for those wanting to have a better life. Just do it legally. Follow our laws, abide by our rules... or don't be surprised if we send your butt home when we are tired of seeing your begging hand stuck out. Look at Spain, they getting strict about letting illegals in. Especially from Africa. Heaven forbid their noble land be ruined like America.
These are just a few things I think deserve a little more consideration by the American people. Our economy is failing. Our people are struggling. How much longer will our government continue to ignore these issues? Helping others is great, so as long as you help those who are paying for it first and so long as you have taken care of the major problems at hand.
On a side note - During Obama's term in office so far immigration authorities have deported the most illegal immigrants than every other United States President in history thus far. And all the while he talks to the public about accepting the illegals (mostly Mexicans) and about wanting to halt ICE and other border authorities. But if you take a look... he hasn't. A police officer here in San Antonio informed me recently that ICE personally goes through the San Antonio jails looking for law-breaking illegals to deport DAILY. Brava!

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