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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Show and Tell sonogram review

So as I've mentioned in a previous post, I'm pregnant with baby #3. I had the normal 2D ultrasound done with my doctor at the beginning of my pregnancy, but with those… Well, let’s be honest. Can you tell what you are looking at? I sure can’t. Everything looks weird and blurry and I mostly just tune out the doctor talking to herself and listen to the heartbeat. Since I’m planning to make this my last baby, I really wanted to see it. Not some black and white blob picture that doesn’t make sense to me. I went online and started searching for places around San Antonio that offered 4D sonograms. May I just say… wow! They are really expensive. Most places charge $200-$900 depending on the package you choose. I finally found one that offered a simple package including 2 2D pictures, 2 4D pictures, and everything on a CD - all for $110.00. Show and Tell, located on 16607 Blanco Road, Suite 801 San Antonio, Texas 78232 not only had the best prices, their staff is extremely friendly and patient. I brought my 2 young sons along and even though they ran around the room and kept talking, the sonogram tech just laughed. I had drank water all week exclusively until I felt like a bloated cow in an attempt to make the picture as clear as possible. I was really, really hoping that this one was going to be a baby girl. And sure enough, as soon as we got started her legs were open and that’s the first thing we saw. After that, the tech did everything she could to ensure we got the best pictures we could of the baby. She had me roll over, walk around, use the bathroom… and in the end I got some amazing shots of my beautiful daughter. That package that I chose was called the Peek a Boo Special. In the end. I paid only $100 because I booked right before the price changes went into effect. And instead of just 4 pictures - I got 4 color 4D pictures and I think 6 black and white 2D pictures. Truly a value.

So, if you live in San Antonio, happen to be pregnant and want a 2, 3 or 4D sonogram for reasonable prices I strongly suggest Show and Tell. If you don't get a clear picture they do everything they can to try to make it better and even have options for going back and trying later at a free or discounted rate. I also liked that they had the option of being able to Skype the session with a family member who is too far away to be there. And you can bring the whole family (up to 11 people I think).

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