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Saturday, October 25, 2014

My sons birthday...

Today my son turned 6. Seems like yesterday I was on a hospital bed screaming at the doctor who was yelling at me to shut up and push. Then I saw that 6 pound wonder and longed to hold him. Unfortunately I went into shock and shook too much to. But I was immensely happy. I was also scared, proud, angry (at the doctor), and overwhelmed. Now he's 6 years old. He talks constantly, can count and say his ABC's.... He's so much like me, it scares me sometimes. But it also makes me proud. 
So what do we have planned to celebrate today's special occasion? The children and I got dressed up for a Halloween event in San Antonio. Bootacular is a family event that I'm hoping will be fun for us all. We are also taking my husbands younger brothers. 
Then it will be back to the in laws house for grilling and cake! So much fun. 

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